Friday, February 27, 2009

getting settled in Ottawa

I've moved into westboro as of Tuesday and started seeing clients on Wednesay :)
The place is simply lovely. I love it here so much already and can't wait to enjoy the backyard in the spring. I'll be planting flowers and a garden and get to bbq! woo hoo!! Of course shopping for new curtains and other items for the house is on the agenda and we all know how I love shopping. Can't hang my clothes up yet because there are no closet bars or shelves. No worries.. I hadn't moved everything from my Toronto apt in yet and have lots of room to play with for now. I'm no huge hurry.. I'm just glad I accomplished everything I was able to do in such a short time span. I only found out last Friday I was for sure going to get to rent the place.. and since they allowed an early move it I jumped on the opportunity just in case someone else offered a better idea to them :) Anyway.. thankfully the weather cooperated and my friends in Toronto helped me pack up the truck. My Toronto movers were a no-show but my Ottawa movers were very flexible and helpful. U-haul rocks.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

moving to Ottawa

I'm moving! Found a place in westboro.. a short walk to the beach in Ottawa near the Ottawa river parkway and Island Park. I'm so looking forward to having a yard, indoor laundry, a dishwasher and a rec-room but I'm not looking forward to packing.. yeuck! I have a 2 month overlap as I have to give notice in Toronto so I'll take my time somewhat but I've missed Ottawa and some of Ottawa has missed me.. Thankfully I missed another awful winter there what with the bus strike and all. Will post again once I'm settled.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Broken Penis

This search for google images brought about by 'McSteamy' on Grey's Anatomy who was on the Ellen show today. For those of you who didn't watch the episode from a couple weeks ago where some raucus sex caused the actor's character to have his penis broken in the on-call room here is an interesting website I came across describing how not to do this! The fellow in question says the position to avoid most is reverse cowgirl. I notice men seem to like cowgirl alot.. it means they have to do little work (usually) and get to see my tits bouncing up on them or in their mouths should we match up anatomically to make this happen. Reverse cowgirl however is great for the ass man.. who once again is too lazy to do doggie style... he loves to lie there and watch my ass go up and down on his cock. This is a very difficult position for me to get any movement on.. but works if I really don't wish to look at the guy in question. Of course if I do.. I usually have my trusty mirror beside my bed :) for more information see this website!

I Broke My Penis!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

2nd interview for What shooting are you doing today? I'm shooting pretty much solely for a handjob site called
Jerky Girls It's mostly a niche market for handjobs and sometimes footjobs where the women are in control and mostly clothed (CFNM) and the men vulnerable victims to the women's whims.

2) What exactly is CFNM, and what is the market? CFNM or "clothed female, nude male" is a niche in and of itself where the male is naked and the female stays clothed. It depicts the vulnerability and powerlessness of the male and the female obviously is in control. It's great for men who are shy to view porn that enhances their fantasy world where the women are sexually agressive and they get to be passive participants. It's a more subtle way of depicting domination... although often in a domination scene the dominatrix is fully clothed as well. In these scenarios it's very rare for penetration to occur but not unheard of. I've often found that men love a woman to be the aggressor.. hence the 'cougar' phenomen where older women come on to younger men.. another niche I personally am sought after for.. but CFNM is not limited to cougars or milfs.

3) What kind of facilities do you work in? It's just a rented space in an industrial park. It's great because there are several scene rooms set up so we can change things up. I typically shoot 6 scenes back to back and since they only take about 15 minutes to shoot including wardrobe changes.. the young lads being given the handjobs are only there for 15 minutes or so each. It's the most fun and well organized set I've ever been on and this includes all of the shoots I've done in LA... many of which were not done in a timely fashion.

4) Why do you think the handjob market is so popular? The all important cum shot is quite visible in a handjob scene. I also think that for myself... what's gone missing in sex for me is the handjob. Very rarely does a lover give me one. Oral sex has become the norm for foreplay in both adult movies and real life play.. I miss the handjob frankly... but then again few people would have the skill required. Giving a man a handjob requires a lot less skill than giving a woman one. *she laughs* As for why it's so popular? As I said.. the control factor. Most men are too shy to pick up women for fear of being shot down. They like the idea of a woman being in control. Most men if not all... love their cocks alot! The idea that a woman can't help herself with her oral or handjob addiction is their fantasy. Blowjob sites are everywhere.. but there are several men who don't care that much for blowjobs believe it or not... and love handjobs. I also believe that this goes back to a teenager's memory when perhaps their first interaction with the female of their affections might have been a handjob.

5) You mentioned in a recent email that "occasionally of course I must provide the tits as the stars." What starring roles are they playing these days? Well despite the CFNM niche that the handjob sitesmostly depict, a rare glimpse of breasts is quite the accepted fantasy. I'm not the only girl on the site who is okay with full nudity.. so to keep many of the fans happy there are several videos where we are topless or completely nude. I'm quite happy without clothes on. I do enjoy the scripting for Jerky Girls quite a bit. We have so much fun with them. One of the last ones I did cracked me up so much. I was a 'tit control therapist'. Instead of hypnotizing my client (which incidentally isn't allowed in a script because it implies the participant is not under his/her own control during sex) I mesmerized the client by whipping out my tits and spinning them around til he agreed with everything I wanted. It was hilarious.

6) Is the MILF role growing on you? How is it affecting you from a business standpoint? OMG yes. I love it! Having younger men fantasize about me is such a turn on now. I can't imagine not doing MILF porn. From a business standpoint.. well since my porn is sold mostly online by other vendors or through my site I have no way of knowing who is buying it.. but in my escort business I get way more younger clients that have a fantasy of being with an older woman. Many mature escorts refuse to see younger clients but I love it. I even get virgins about once a month.. and the idea that a young man will someday tell the story (I assume leaving out the part where he paid for it) that an older woman seduced him and I get to be that 'Mrs. Robinson' is quite the turn on for me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

movies that are not me!

International Cum Junkies #2 and Deep Throat Palace. That's another Carrie Moon...and I can't vouch for her :)


things that prospective clients do that piss me off..
1)calling me up to ask for a description, rates or location when all that stuff is on my site. That was okay when I only advertised in a paper obviously but they usually do that when they are stalling to ask another question that will piss me off even more.. ie 'do you offer specials/discounts?', do you do bareback blowjobs? do you do greek? ugggghhhh!
2)standups.. some guys call to cancel which is fine so long as they give decent notice.. some just don't show. I get that things come up.. or people chicken out but it pisses me off.
3)bad hygeine/smokers.. well that doesn't piss me off so much as gross me the fuck out! I have an acute sense of smell so when someone is wearing too much cologne or hasn't bathed/recently had a smoke.
4)Guys who call completely unknown to me.. act like they're all charming and expect me to chat them up like a long lost friend. They never ever book an appt anyway.. and if they do they are way too high maintenance expecting you to spend time off the cock with them or give them extras. 'special cases' yeah.. they're 'special needs'
5)What brought on this rant today? A previous client I quite enjoyed myself with a few times.. who now wants a discount because I had a good time! After standing me up yesterday because of a work emergency.. yeah right. You can't call me to cancel? takes 2 seconds. Since I enjoyed myself so much with him couldn't I give him a discount. Geeze.. do you enjoy your job? sometimes? does you boss catch you smiling and then say well since you enjoy your job you should do it for free/less? I told him to fuck off. If I only had clients I did not enjoy I wouldn't be in this business very long that's for sure!
I'll probably amend this rant blog later on as I think of more.. they are kind of funny no?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Whore on Christmas

taken from Belle's blog :)

Go read this. Matisse wrote it, and it's gooooood.

What do people mean when they speak disparagingly of "a whore"? Someone who sells her or his body? I have news for you: Unless you're a ghost who still draws a paycheck, you use your body to make a living, too. Ever been nice to a customer you really didn't like, or acted enthusiastic about something you really didn't care about, just because you were getting paid? Congratulations, you're a whore, too. You're just not getting paid as much as I am.

The Whore on Christmas

Monday, February 2, 2009

hooked on Belle de Jour

I have loved watching the first season of 'Secret Diary of a Callgirl' on Showcase channel. The second season has just started on TMN but I already missed the first episode because I was away in Ottawa and was obviously unable to pre-program my PVR. I googled the show and found out that not only is it written from a book.. it was originally based on her anonymous blog. I have been hooked on reading it ever since.
Belle also has introduced me from her blog to several other whore blogs so I'm appeasing a voracious appetite to read other sex workers stories. In previous years I've read books such as 'Working' by Dolores French, 'From Cop to Callgirl', and of course 'Mayflower Madam' among other working girls autobiographies. I just added Dolores and am awaiting Belle's reply on facebook. The internet brings people with like minds so much closer than otherwise would be possible in the real world. While Belle (I'm assuming as I'm up to 2007 in the blog archives) chooses to remain anonymous the other aforementioned whores (as do I) live openly for the most part. I mean.. I don't announce it everywhere I go and in certain social circles I tell a white lie about my profession. At a recent family reunion where some of my relatives knew.. the ones who didn't asked what I was doing for a living and of course I mumbled something about working on the internet and dabbling in real estate and then said 'oh!.. there's so and so.. excuse me.. I must say hello'. It was pretty painless after all and I was glad to see so many of my cousins... some who had come all the way from Holland for this 50th anniversary of my mom's family's immigration to our fine country.
Anyway.. as I'm reading Belle's blog every now and then she cracks me up! Other times she pisses me off when she makes statements and categorizes people that don't do anal as uptight.. hell just because I don't like a finger up my butt doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good time. I'm not only highly sensual.. I'm hilarious to boot so uptight I would say not.. just like different flavors. Also statements that all escorts kiss and aren't like Julia Roberts?? I don't kiss clients and haven't for 20 years.. she's been at it I think 2 or 3 and then retired so I don't think it entitles her to speak for all working girls. BUT I absolutely love her! I think the major difference in personality between her and myself.. she's like my colleague Christine in so many ways and we just agree to disagree on several things and then highly respect one another... she's so much like a man when it comes to sex! and has better relationships with men than with women in her personal life.
Most of my close relationships are with women. I have some great male friends.. not the least of which is my brother.. but I'm very maternal towards my friends and very female in the bedroom. I have no issue with being 'in charge' on an appt.. I'm not necessarily submissive but even taking charge means to me often just taking my clothes off first and usually the sight of my naked body will arouse a man enough for him to forget his nervousness.. if that doesn't work I stick my tits in his mouth :) if that doesn't work I get on my knees and blow him (with a condom) which I think Belle also doesn't use (for oral I mean not intercourse). Many escorts I have worked with are of mixed camps on this one. About 50% use them for blow jobs and don't kiss.. whereas the other 1/2 obviously are the other way. It's a personal choice and often depends on how the escort started in the business. I was trained the former way and it works for my boundaries. It allows me to be more comfortable with sharing my body with a complete stranger. But the escorts I do duos with respect my choice and we take the condom on and off for taking turns :)
Belle also likes BDSM and otherwise rough sex. I do not.. I'm built differently is all. I have several friends in the BDSM community and adore them.. it's just not for me... BUT the clothes are! I love the sexy dark clothing and my first magazine cover and centerfold was in black thigh high boots and pleather bustier. SO back to belle's blog for me. ta ta! More interesting stuff to discuss later I'm sure!