Monday, February 2, 2009

hooked on Belle de Jour

I have loved watching the first season of 'Secret Diary of a Callgirl' on Showcase channel. The second season has just started on TMN but I already missed the first episode because I was away in Ottawa and was obviously unable to pre-program my PVR. I googled the show and found out that not only is it written from a book.. it was originally based on her anonymous blog. I have been hooked on reading it ever since.
Belle also has introduced me from her blog to several other whore blogs so I'm appeasing a voracious appetite to read other sex workers stories. In previous years I've read books such as 'Working' by Dolores French, 'From Cop to Callgirl', and of course 'Mayflower Madam' among other working girls autobiographies. I just added Dolores and am awaiting Belle's reply on facebook. The internet brings people with like minds so much closer than otherwise would be possible in the real world. While Belle (I'm assuming as I'm up to 2007 in the blog archives) chooses to remain anonymous the other aforementioned whores (as do I) live openly for the most part. I mean.. I don't announce it everywhere I go and in certain social circles I tell a white lie about my profession. At a recent family reunion where some of my relatives knew.. the ones who didn't asked what I was doing for a living and of course I mumbled something about working on the internet and dabbling in real estate and then said 'oh!.. there's so and so.. excuse me.. I must say hello'. It was pretty painless after all and I was glad to see so many of my cousins... some who had come all the way from Holland for this 50th anniversary of my mom's family's immigration to our fine country.
Anyway.. as I'm reading Belle's blog every now and then she cracks me up! Other times she pisses me off when she makes statements and categorizes people that don't do anal as uptight.. hell just because I don't like a finger up my butt doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good time. I'm not only highly sensual.. I'm hilarious to boot so uptight I would say not.. just like different flavors. Also statements that all escorts kiss and aren't like Julia Roberts?? I don't kiss clients and haven't for 20 years.. she's been at it I think 2 or 3 and then retired so I don't think it entitles her to speak for all working girls. BUT I absolutely love her! I think the major difference in personality between her and myself.. she's like my colleague Christine in so many ways and we just agree to disagree on several things and then highly respect one another... she's so much like a man when it comes to sex! and has better relationships with men than with women in her personal life.
Most of my close relationships are with women. I have some great male friends.. not the least of which is my brother.. but I'm very maternal towards my friends and very female in the bedroom. I have no issue with being 'in charge' on an appt.. I'm not necessarily submissive but even taking charge means to me often just taking my clothes off first and usually the sight of my naked body will arouse a man enough for him to forget his nervousness.. if that doesn't work I stick my tits in his mouth :) if that doesn't work I get on my knees and blow him (with a condom) which I think Belle also doesn't use (for oral I mean not intercourse). Many escorts I have worked with are of mixed camps on this one. About 50% use them for blow jobs and don't kiss.. whereas the other 1/2 obviously are the other way. It's a personal choice and often depends on how the escort started in the business. I was trained the former way and it works for my boundaries. It allows me to be more comfortable with sharing my body with a complete stranger. But the escorts I do duos with respect my choice and we take the condom on and off for taking turns :)
Belle also likes BDSM and otherwise rough sex. I do not.. I'm built differently is all. I have several friends in the BDSM community and adore them.. it's just not for me... BUT the clothes are! I love the sexy dark clothing and my first magazine cover and centerfold was in black thigh high boots and pleather bustier. SO back to belle's blog for me. ta ta! More interesting stuff to discuss later I'm sure!

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