Thursday, February 12, 2009

Broken Penis

This search for google images brought about by 'McSteamy' on Grey's Anatomy who was on the Ellen show today. For those of you who didn't watch the episode from a couple weeks ago where some raucus sex caused the actor's character to have his penis broken in the on-call room here is an interesting website I came across describing how not to do this! The fellow in question says the position to avoid most is reverse cowgirl. I notice men seem to like cowgirl alot.. it means they have to do little work (usually) and get to see my tits bouncing up on them or in their mouths should we match up anatomically to make this happen. Reverse cowgirl however is great for the ass man.. who once again is too lazy to do doggie style... he loves to lie there and watch my ass go up and down on his cock. This is a very difficult position for me to get any movement on.. but works if I really don't wish to look at the guy in question. Of course if I do.. I usually have my trusty mirror beside my bed :) for more information see this website!

I Broke My Penis!

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