Monday, September 27, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been enjoying the company of a new friend who returned to the business after a decade absence. She's a smoking hot blue eyed hot mom.. 5'6" and 38 with jet black hair.

here's her site to check her out --- Miss Jenna ----

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Autumn comes - Another great limerick from Old Dog

As I think of today, my eyes tear,
For the end of the summer is near,
Oh the things of my whimsy,
Are tops thin and flimsy,
On the girls who have shed their brassiere.

With autumn, comes heavier wear,
With nary an inch of flesh bare,
But I must confess,
My eyes needed the rest,
From three months of continuous stare.

So, what's a poor guy to do,
When the chill winds of autumn blow through?
Why the answer is clear,
You should know it, you're here,
And you should have thought of it, too.

Oh the options we have are so many,
Be it Karen or Maggie or Jenny,
For CERB does provide,
A selection so wide,
The value is worth every penny.

So now, you had better remember,
When you're warm in a bed in December,
With a wonderful feeling,
As you stare at the ceiling,
Thank god I read this in September.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I caught the limerick bug

Old Dog wrote one for me:

Her pictures will cause you to swoon,
I should know, I've been staring since noon!
With her statuesque frame,
And her celluloid fame,
None compare to our Carrie Moon!


and then I caught the bug.....

Cerb is the place of my fantasies
Dogs, kitties, foxes and loose pantsies
I might dream at night
of a lick or a bite
but what happens when I wake up with hickeys


I know you might think we're all nerds
for spending sooo much time on cerb
But think about this
While you're stupendously blissed
We'll just as soon flip you the bird


You don't have to be big and brawny
But please don't make me yawny
if you can't walk or talk
at least lick my twat
and I won't throw you out with my laundry


I like a girl who is voluptuous
big tits and a rump that is luscious
cerb is a verb or a word that is lurid
but what is a dick that is ruptured


Carrie is a girl who loves her shoes
makes her long legs pop out and her ass jiggle too
so why is she barefoot
and basically naked
when the closets and shelves are all blue


Angela is 50 and wise
Nicki is naughty and rides
cerb is a 4 letter word
a place where you can blurb
Annessa and Sara are wild


You best not hang out on a perch
if you don't want to meet up with lurch
use the best guys of cerb
turk, rosco and herb
for here you will not be besmurched


Book a girl on cerb and be filled with glee
Make sure you don't smell of pee
Be sure to have a shower
and bring some flower power
Or I will put you over my knee!

another limerick from my friend Old Dog


Oh the ladies of CERB would implore,
That his hygeine was really quite poor,
But he never listened,
And his chest how it glistened,
With the sweat garnered three days before.

Now he called and he called everyone,
His mind full of visions of fun,
But the odious smell,
Like the sulfurs of Hell,
Meant his calls would be answered by none.

Poor Stanley could not understand,
That no courtesan in the land,
Would sate his desire,
So burning with fire,
He was forced to take matters in "hand."

Now Stanley sits sad, and forlorn,
His CERB membership canceled with scorn,
His life full of gloom,
He sits alone in his room,
Eating cheezies and watching bad porn.