Thursday, September 2, 2010

another limerick from my friend Old Dog


Oh the ladies of CERB would implore,
That his hygeine was really quite poor,
But he never listened,
And his chest how it glistened,
With the sweat garnered three days before.

Now he called and he called everyone,
His mind full of visions of fun,
But the odious smell,
Like the sulfurs of Hell,
Meant his calls would be answered by none.

Poor Stanley could not understand,
That no courtesan in the land,
Would sate his desire,
So burning with fire,
He was forced to take matters in "hand."

Now Stanley sits sad, and forlorn,
His CERB membership canceled with scorn,
His life full of gloom,
He sits alone in his room,
Eating cheezies and watching bad porn.

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