Thursday, August 20, 2009

on politics

please read the previous post on quantum physics before reading this :)

My politics.. it's hard to explain because I always thought I wasn't political. I don't follow local politics. I don't vote. GASP.. Let me tell you why.

I always knew that unless we were voting outside of what to do for the weekend.. or in public school events.. my vote meant nothing. Why do you ask? I knew it was a matter of choosing one liar over another and what's the point of putting my support behind that.

Now you may say.. look at Obama! If it were about 1-2 years ago I would have agreed with you.. Now however.. well I'm getting out of the matrix. The matrix of deception that media leads us into whatever the powers that be want us to know. This includes our ridiculous notion that the medical establishment has our best interests at heart.. that the FDA (or health canada) is there to protect us. It includes our belief that we are genetically predisposed to illnesses.. when in fact we are constantly being poisoned.

Please watch Wendy Mesley's expose on the multi-billion dollar industry on cancer. (if this loads too slow go here) This is a 20 minute show and Wendy when diagnosed with Cancer did a search on why the incidence of cancer is so high in North America. If you haven't watched it you will learn a lot. However it is the tip of the iceberg.

Watch how Monsanto makes sure we don't know how evil an empire it is..

please watch this short intro to a new movie called Believers Beware - the Cause of Effect

What does this have to do with politics?
I'm going to provide a lot of documentaries for you to watch so you can start to lift the veil of why the government and how the government controls what we are told in the media to keep us numbed.. food is the major reason. MSG, aspertame, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and refined sugar keep us fatigued, numb our brains and keep us ill with more than just diabetes, MS and ADHD.. they cause a lot more illnesses than the obvious ones.

I was trained as a naturopath that the original meaning of the word doctor was teacher. Teach a person how to take care of their own bodies. Is that how our modern medicine works? nope! we are told not to listen to ourselves.. but rather to let the doctor provide the diagnosis, medicine and surgery for us. Put all our trust in them. We are taught that we are dumb... and we believe the lie.. but think we are smart because we get an education.

People are so impressed to learn that I have a university degree from Queen's and a post-graduate degree in naturopathic medicine. We live in a culture that places waaaay too much emphasis on paper accreditation rather than what a person really knows. I believed the hype too for a while.. but thanks to the internet my education in the truth is growing rapidly.

SO! For politics.. for the REAL news. I subscribe to brasscheck tv Look for Robert Kennedy Jr. View videos on the banking system.

Ron Paul.. the person who if the gov't were actually honest would be president.. who predicted the fall of the banking system years ago! Paulitics.. he's awesome.. Here's his site 1 and 2

If you think your vote actually means shit.. watch CIA agent Chip Tatum (now presumed murdered by the CIA)on google video or on youtube in 8 parts.

If you haven't already watched zeitgeist.. it's a must see. Watch it here on youtube. Here's the federal reserve portion in 5 parts and 911 in 4 parts and religion in 3 parts. Here it is as the whole movie
and zeitgeist part 2 - the addendum

The movie is also available on google video or at their website

then! watch hijacking humanity
Freedom to Fascism

view this.. Money as Debt to find out how we are slaves to the banks.

and then go here to freedomclubusa to find out how not to be slaves. and here for some interesting tidbits as well from a Canadian at
and the cause of

believe it or not ... I will have more to add later :)

Quantum physics

So I know I said I would talk about politics after my post on health.. but I decided to talk first about spirituality.. because it relates to politics and health.

First of all.. we are not merely flesh and blood. We are spirit bodies who have chosen to go to 'school' here on earth. Now why in the heck would we do that? Good question and I still don't get it. Apparently.. according to the more spiritually advanced people I read/watch on youtube or tv... we are dumb enough and bold enough to volunteer for such a task. Don't believe me? that's okay.. if you are curious about this stuff here are some people you might want to listen to... Sylvia Brown, John Edwards (not the politician - the medium). You may think it's all bunk.. but really watch them for an hour or so.. what have you got to lose? you might be blown away.

next! Have you watched 'what the bleep do we know'? here are some links whatthebleep trailer
movie in parts on veoh and of course their website whatthebleep

once you watch that.. search for dr emoto's stuff on water. Watch water the great mystery.. to buy go here on or to view on google videos go here

now don't blame me if none of these links are valid.. do your own research.. but always feel free to email me as well if you have others you feel are entertaining and informative and I'm happy to forward links to you as well if you email me. This is a huge passion of mine and I find it weird that some people pay attention to only what is in front of their noses and never look deeper.

Next. If you watched or read emoto's stuff on hidden messages in water you will know how important words are to water.. and therefore everything in the world! Put up the most powerful words in your house. Gratitude, Love, Thank you. Merci or my favorite in Kanji... in any language! Your body's chi will thank you and things will start coming your way.. which brings me to the secret movie. preview here
Watch this movie and then find books on the law of attraction. It works!

Dr. Emoto's work was profoundly fascinating.. he took water and flash froze it to make in effect a snowflake and showed that water when shown words would react with an image to reflect that word. Here's an image of prayer

and Love and Gratitude

and Truth

Here's a chidren's book pdf version of Hidden Messages in Water. Cute and it's thorough.

picture book

and here's emoto's site and masaru-emoto

so what? oh there's way more... but that's enough for now! enjoy :)

not the type to pay for it? really???

I'm a member of a few different sites that I mostly don't visit.. such as fetlife, xpeeps, femdomme. I only check on them when I get a post or an email and even then sometimes not..
anyway.. I get fans on myspace or facebook (which I do visit regularly) sometimes ask me if they can meet me.. I then direct them to my escort site. Some are grateful to know it's that simple.. whereas others say I'm not the type to pay for it or not if I have to pay for it. What then? Only if I desire you so much that I want to give you a freebee? or because I'm the hooker with a heart of gold who gives free sessions to students or those on fixed incomes.

You know.. that statement has always bothered me when people say that. What type is that? someone who doesn't buy themselves gifts? Do you treat yourself to a massage? no? how about new clothes/shoes.. a nice dinner? a good haircut?

Seeing an escort is a luxury service you treat yourself to. But if you can't afford it then that's reasonable.. I can't afford a lexus.. so I don't buy one :)

I don't pay for haircuts normally.. I cut my own what!

am I a type? hmmmmm.

besides..HAVING to pay for an encounter?? It's a privelege not a chore. No more than paying for a therapist appt or anything else. When you put it that way it's like saying you are too good to pay for something. Do you not pay for a good meal in a restaurant that someone has prepared or do you offend them also by saying you're not the type to pay for a meal?

It's really not about offending anyway.. it's about an arrogant misguided attitude that usually is from guys who think they are so charming or gorgeous that they should get any woman they want including you. What a proof of how gorgeous/charming they are that a woman who has chosen to have sex professionally chooses them to give a freebee.. uh. Get over yourself. Arrogance is such a turnoff! Not only does that attitude get a no-go for free.. not even if you paid me :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pussy chewers rant

this hurts!!!! thankfully it's rare but some guys suck on my inner labia lips like they are trying to get juice out of a piece of fruit. Take a good look at the vulva of a woman. It's extremely tender flesh and obviously doesn't like to be bitten. In my case I may be more sensitive that some other women but in general I don't like anywomen like to be sucked like that. Licked... hell yes! but it feels like I'm being pinched when sucked that hard. I'm not into pain.

"chewing".. is a term my friend who's been long retired from escorting -Shannon coined to me and I howled with laughter when I realized what she meant by the term. Totally describes what they're doing.. also keep in mind that when you're down there if you've forgotten or it's not possible to shave before your appointment.. don't rub your chin in my pussy dammit! that's like sandpaper. Again.. thankfully this is rare.. most guys have enough common sense to know this :)

now.. for pussy pics.. see my other posts. Get a good look and remember to treat with lots of tongue and saliva. Perhaps practice with a mango?*cheesy grin*


Most of you know that I got into the adult industry as an escort to put myself thru naturopathic medical school some 20 years ago.. and when we get into discussions on health.. many of my clients go home with prescriptions or books to read or websites to view.. Some even go home with relationship advice.. funny hey? getting relationship advice from a hooker? awww.. don't get offended by the work hooker. It's okay when I use it :)

Anyway.. I thought it was about time since I've exposed myself in virtually every naked pose possible.. that I talk a abit about my other passions. Health.. health care is not really focused on in our culture. We focus on medical care. Medical care is a great industry to get into if you want to make money and enjoy seeing sick people. Health care on the other hand is about education. Please watch this clip. I'm very excited to see this movie soon.

Processed People.

and then this one.

I will have plenty more to add to this particular post as time goes on..
and then another post on my politics will follow.

Oh! and here is my absolute favorite site.. I use it as my homepage. Natural News and I also like and subscribe to Dr. Mercola I highly recommend you subscribe to both as well :)

for those of you interested in possibly changing your diet a wee bit.. wondering if sugar might be a problem? check this out

Monday, August 17, 2009

D-cup photo shoot

I in fact don't even know if any of these pics made it to publishing.. but here they are. We ended up shooting it solo as the fellow had trouble staying hard whenever Anton came to start shooting.. It was his first time and as happens with a lot of guys who think they will have no trouble staying hard for a porn shoot.. they do in fact. I mean imagine trying to have sex with a stranger under hot lights. The testosterone may be flowing but the homophobic feelings of having a male photographer or in some cases a male crew watching your every move can be disconcerting to say the least! Couple that with stage fright.. knowing that there's a time constraint and certain expectations of moves and such and well you have a recipe for limp dick. I've seen it happen where the guy is completely hard and ready to go so long as we're technically alone.. but as soon as the watchful camera and human eye is looking at his ability and over his shoulder... down it droops. The young guy in the Gent shoot at 21 by the time of that shoot had already been doing these types of shoots for 2 years and was a pro apparently from the get-go having done a gang-bang on his first shoot. Nice!

Gent layout

I was invited to shoot for Gent and D-cup magazine in New Jersey right at halloween in 2007. I was already going back to shoot Legworld and my 2nd layout for Girls over 40 in Poukeepsie (between New York and Albany). My photographer in Poukeepsie is very sweet and professional and able to produce fabulously sensual images still uses film believe it or not.. so that's why I had some images from negative scans. He's been at boudoir photography for over 25 years.

For the Gent/D-cup shoots I was contacted by Anton Fury's wife Rhiannon. It took me a while to get it out of her that there was no pay involved but I would get a CD made immediately of high-resolution photos.. which I did and they were lovely.. foolishly I had not negotiated a ride from the shoot to my hotel and only had arranged one from! Rhiannon was not hospitable enough to include that.. hmm. I was at a party at a friend's in LA that next April when I saw the Gent magazine that I was in!

Steve Nelson had brought them for another girl - Savannah Jane who was in the mag that he had shot. He had brought her a dozen or so.. and she thankfully gave me one.. otherwise I would never have known that was my issue! Well maybe eventually I would have known.. but Anton promised to not only send me issues.. he said he would provide poster size quality of specific pics if I wanted.. to this day I've not only not received a reply on that request.. I still haven't seen my copy of D-cup.
Story over.. here are the pics! I have them in high res instead of magazine scans :)

tummy gone?

After a seminar this past weekend on health and wealth.. I am encouraged to get more serious about my rebounding. and I'm also starting the master cleanse - yikes!
I love lemons anyway.. so it's not that big of a deal. However not eating fun food is a bit difficult for me never mind quitting my morning coffee! I'm starting today with the juice but this afternoon had to have some veggies to quell my headache as I detox. Plus I have a client coming shortly and I don't want to be having my tummy grumble or being thinking about food instead of bedroom antics.

It got me to thinking.. I've been keeping weight on on purpose these last few years because I like to keep my tits at their fullest for my porn and my clients who often gasp at how large they are. If I lose a few pounds that will be great for my trip to Mexico as I'll be living in my bikinis while there. Although I don't mind my tummy too much I do wish it were a bit smaller so I can wear more outfits! But I can't have it both ways.. unless I get lipo which is really not an option since surgery is only an option for me in an emergency. (I would never go under anesthesia for cosmetic reasons). So.. if I lose weight on my tummy.. I will also loose a bit on my tits.. but it will be barely noticable...hopefully! That is if I stick to the diet...time will tell.

Anyway.. enough about me. Look at the links on detox and rebounding. It's a simple way to keep fit and improve your general health/well-being.. brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood MILF/naturopath :)

why pussy tastes good..

At least I think this is why...
I'm just watching an Oprah repeat.. I'd watched before but since they didn't discuss this on the oprah website
It's a very interesting scientific explanation of attraction between men and women.. interesting that they didn't cover homosexual attraction patterns.. hmmm. This is pretty much heterosexually based except for a few things like the symmetry of the face and the genetic superiority.

Anyway.. since they didn't have on the website the part discussed where women who are on the birth control pill and therefore don't ovulate produce less copulins I thought I'd see what else I could find about it! On the show Dr. Laura Berman who I love.. said that strippers who were on the birth control pill made less tips than girls who weren't... and boom. I thought another good reason not to be on it. I can't be on it because it's frankly poisonous to my body so thank god for condoms!

So.. take a look at this website on copulins.

You'll see that "Copulins are an exclusively female group of pheromones. There are secreted into the vagina at the optimum ratios during ovulation with the aim of encouraging men to desire to copulate. This group of pheromones primarily consists of fatty acids that would serve little to no function on there own, but in combination they have been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by 150% (Astrid Jutte study). This increase in testosterone may cause feelings of arousal in men if a woman is present. It is said that once a man smells Copulins on a woman she is deemed to be more attractive."

Which got me to thinking.. most of my clients love going down on me.. they love the smell.. they love the taste and they love the look of my pussy. I don't find it nearly as arousing as they do but I do love playing with it! Now I know why.. it's because they small my copulins and immediately get hard and find me more attractive. I guess I can also be smelled from afar.. or in photos huh? tee hee..

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I scanned these in today.. not sure if I have the right settings on my scanner as I was unable to find my Canon mp210 software on my laptop.. and used picassa. I also am not known for my organizational skills and am known instead for my love for clutter so I couldn't find my CD to reinstall the software nor find the proper software on the Canon website! anyway.. if someone knows how to get my software online or knows what settings I need to do in picassa for magazines.. let me know.

I did it on the lowest resolution because as you may or may not know when you scan in magazines they are super duper grainy! so I think they turned out well enough.. and you should be able to enlarge them. BTW for those of you who visit me and can take home a magazine without questionable eyes at home.. I have several copies of Legworld, Gent (yet to post those) and the 2nd Girls over 40 but only one copy each of Juggs, Over 40 and 40+ which for freaks sake I had to buy myself at the sexshop! My first layout of girls over 40 technically I have several copies of as well but they are still in Arizona. It will cost a bundle for me to re-ship them.. so I'll get them when I have the funds. Thanks for the feedback today! I like it!

on modesty

recently I've made acquaintance with a musician who when I complimented him was surprised and called it modesty. I was having a conversation about how there's no such thing as an original thought with someone being that we are all connected to a universal source that sends us thoughts and then we of course foolishly think that they are our own. While I don't like arrogance one little bit I think it ridiculous to feel ashamed to say thank-you or you might even take that further and say that to say thank-you for a compliment would be ridiculous as well.. because you can't take credit for your talent or your beauty or even in reality your work ethic because that was all given to you! For instance.. when someone says I have a beautiful smile or great tits.. I often surprise them by saying enthusiastically 'I know!!'
It's not like I can take credit for anything I've received genetically and if I smile it's because I'm predisposed to want people to like me and have learned that if I'm friendly they will be attracted to me... therefore I'm not modest in that regard.
Where I am modest is in regards to clothing... I have only in my last decade or so become more comfortable with showing off in public with regards to my cleavage or wearing tighter skirts and such. If I were on 'what not to wear' or something like that they might say I dress too young for my age but I can get away with it.. or so I think/am told :)
I don't wear the really low-cut tops however that I do at porn show events or for incalls.. and I always dress modestly for outcalls preferring to bring whatever outfit may be requested with me to the clients hotel room/home. That kind of modesty I subscribe to.... a time and a place for everything.
I was at a weekend mini-seminar/birthday gathering/camping event with about 30 people.. we went swimming and I almost went in my birthday suit (naked) but realized with the particular set of people involved that would not be appropriate and in anticpation brought my bikini to wear.. that was not the case obviously at the party J threw a few weekends ago in the hottub.. another example of modesty in action.
Oh.. and I love compliments on my singing.. and say thank-you for that.. I'm less confident on matters of skill than I am on physical features if that makes sense.. plus my singing skill varies quite a bit whereas well my tits....always look stupendous don't you agree??

Girls over 40 2nd layout