Thursday, August 20, 2009

not the type to pay for it? really???

I'm a member of a few different sites that I mostly don't visit.. such as fetlife, xpeeps, femdomme. I only check on them when I get a post or an email and even then sometimes not..
anyway.. I get fans on myspace or facebook (which I do visit regularly) sometimes ask me if they can meet me.. I then direct them to my escort site. Some are grateful to know it's that simple.. whereas others say I'm not the type to pay for it or not if I have to pay for it. What then? Only if I desire you so much that I want to give you a freebee? or because I'm the hooker with a heart of gold who gives free sessions to students or those on fixed incomes.

You know.. that statement has always bothered me when people say that. What type is that? someone who doesn't buy themselves gifts? Do you treat yourself to a massage? no? how about new clothes/shoes.. a nice dinner? a good haircut?

Seeing an escort is a luxury service you treat yourself to. But if you can't afford it then that's reasonable.. I can't afford a lexus.. so I don't buy one :)

I don't pay for haircuts normally.. I cut my own what!

am I a type? hmmmmm.

besides..HAVING to pay for an encounter?? It's a privelege not a chore. No more than paying for a therapist appt or anything else. When you put it that way it's like saying you are too good to pay for something. Do you not pay for a good meal in a restaurant that someone has prepared or do you offend them also by saying you're not the type to pay for a meal?

It's really not about offending anyway.. it's about an arrogant misguided attitude that usually is from guys who think they are so charming or gorgeous that they should get any woman they want including you. What a proof of how gorgeous/charming they are that a woman who has chosen to have sex professionally chooses them to give a freebee.. uh. Get over yourself. Arrogance is such a turnoff! Not only does that attitude get a no-go for free.. not even if you paid me :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think guys who say "I'm not the type to pay for it" are just just boasting of their sexual prowess and desirability in a fairly roundabout way. They're just trying to let you know what studs they are.

If I could afford it and there were proper professional escorts in my immediate area (Cornwall), I'd likely give it a lot of consideration and maybe give it a try. I mean why not?

Johann1516 said...

I love guys who fill out sex surveys (like the ones on Xpeeps)and when it comes to the question:
"Have you ever paid for sex"? All check "No". Come on. One way or another everybody pays for sex. It's just that some actually get what they pay for.