Thursday, August 20, 2009

on politics

please read the previous post on quantum physics before reading this :)

My politics.. it's hard to explain because I always thought I wasn't political. I don't follow local politics. I don't vote. GASP.. Let me tell you why.

I always knew that unless we were voting outside of what to do for the weekend.. or in public school events.. my vote meant nothing. Why do you ask? I knew it was a matter of choosing one liar over another and what's the point of putting my support behind that.

Now you may say.. look at Obama! If it were about 1-2 years ago I would have agreed with you.. Now however.. well I'm getting out of the matrix. The matrix of deception that media leads us into whatever the powers that be want us to know. This includes our ridiculous notion that the medical establishment has our best interests at heart.. that the FDA (or health canada) is there to protect us. It includes our belief that we are genetically predisposed to illnesses.. when in fact we are constantly being poisoned.

Please watch Wendy Mesley's expose on the multi-billion dollar industry on cancer. (if this loads too slow go here) This is a 20 minute show and Wendy when diagnosed with Cancer did a search on why the incidence of cancer is so high in North America. If you haven't watched it you will learn a lot. However it is the tip of the iceberg.

Watch how Monsanto makes sure we don't know how evil an empire it is..

please watch this short intro to a new movie called Believers Beware - the Cause of Effect

What does this have to do with politics?
I'm going to provide a lot of documentaries for you to watch so you can start to lift the veil of why the government and how the government controls what we are told in the media to keep us numbed.. food is the major reason. MSG, aspertame, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and refined sugar keep us fatigued, numb our brains and keep us ill with more than just diabetes, MS and ADHD.. they cause a lot more illnesses than the obvious ones.

I was trained as a naturopath that the original meaning of the word doctor was teacher. Teach a person how to take care of their own bodies. Is that how our modern medicine works? nope! we are told not to listen to ourselves.. but rather to let the doctor provide the diagnosis, medicine and surgery for us. Put all our trust in them. We are taught that we are dumb... and we believe the lie.. but think we are smart because we get an education.

People are so impressed to learn that I have a university degree from Queen's and a post-graduate degree in naturopathic medicine. We live in a culture that places waaaay too much emphasis on paper accreditation rather than what a person really knows. I believed the hype too for a while.. but thanks to the internet my education in the truth is growing rapidly.

SO! For politics.. for the REAL news. I subscribe to brasscheck tv Look for Robert Kennedy Jr. View videos on the banking system.

Ron Paul.. the person who if the gov't were actually honest would be president.. who predicted the fall of the banking system years ago! Paulitics.. he's awesome.. Here's his site 1 and 2

If you think your vote actually means shit.. watch CIA agent Chip Tatum (now presumed murdered by the CIA)on google video or on youtube in 8 parts.

If you haven't already watched zeitgeist.. it's a must see. Watch it here on youtube. Here's the federal reserve portion in 5 parts and 911 in 4 parts and religion in 3 parts. Here it is as the whole movie
and zeitgeist part 2 - the addendum

The movie is also available on google video or at their website

then! watch hijacking humanity
Freedom to Fascism

view this.. Money as Debt to find out how we are slaves to the banks.

and then go here to freedomclubusa to find out how not to be slaves. and here for some interesting tidbits as well from a Canadian at
and the cause of

believe it or not ... I will have more to add later :)


Unknown said...


I only have one comment.
Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated. Too ornery to die like that!!

Chip Tatum

Anonymous said...

hi there!

I came across this blog just after the post and actually explored some of the (many) references and theories which are offered.

Sometimes we are best served by asking "why do they want us thinking this way?". The "truth", as we know it, is generally boring and unexciting. Occam's razor is the best strategy to subscribe to, unless sensationalization is what you're after.

As a society, we tend to exoticize the familiar, and familiarize the exotic. Both have their faults, yet both intrigue.

Tell the truth and no one listens. Tell lies and no one speaks. Truth is relative.

Anonymous said...

Ughhh . . . I know that you will take offense to this, but I am only trying to help you with the language you use.

Language always gives people away and makes what they say transparent. Every porn star claims they are either working in porn to pay for college or they have a college degree (as if college is the ultimate qualifier); but then they continue to talk and trip themselves up. I know you don’t have a college degree in any subject – that’s nohing to be ashamed of. You may have taken a few classes, but your language and the “ideas” you assert clearly show that you know nothing about the university system. First off, there is no such thing as a post-graduate degree. Trust me, I went to graduate school and got my Masters and PhD in Art History – emphasis on Italian and Spaniard renaissance painting. I wrote my Thesis on Caravaggio’s semi-hidden full-figure weight distribution and his optical glaze illusionism. I wrote my Dissertation on Domenikos Theotokopolis (also known as El Greco) and his system of elongation and 17th century religious reverence and the eventual influence it had on Goya. There is no degree after a graduate degree. Post-graduate is meaningless. I know what you are trying to infer. You are tying to infer that after you graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (let’s be honest, you didn’t), you then went on to study New Age Holistic Medicine; of which, there is no such degree offered anywhere in any University. The closest thing you could do to get a degree in holistic medicine would be to study biology and chemistry and then write a thesis on New Age Medicine – you clearly haven’t done this. Do you know who has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology? Me. If you had studied psychology, you’d know that there is no such thing as quantum physics: there is physics and then there is quantum mechanics – Quantum Physics is meaningless. Also, you would have long ago read and written papers on the psychology of belief in relation to various parts of the brain -- which renders ridiculous the concept of psychic phenomena. Anyone who studies psychology knows exactly how psychics work; it isn’t complex by any stretch. All it is comprised of is various clever wordings, misdirection and information pulling, of which, the observer will connect and enforce meaning. Psychology has nothing to do with spirits or spooky unexplained phenomena: it’s a science.

You’re right, there is tremendous emphasis on Accredited Universities. That’s because they offer the only kind of competent degree that has any relevance to the real world. A degree from anything less is worthless.

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting blogs. What you fail to realize is that your blog is actually quite interesting – you witness a side of life that almost none of us will ever experience. That is interesting! You don’t need to qualify what you do for a living with ridiculous collegiate claims. It only serves to embarrass you, and there is nothing you have to be embarrassed about.

Honestly trying to help . . .

Stevie C.

milfcarriemoon said...

Stevie.. since you didn't offer your email I can't personally respond to you.. but you're so off base it only proves to show that you have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe in the states (which I assume is where you're from as you keep saying college instead of university) you write papers in a 3rd year degree program but not in Canada. Also in Canada you can't receive a degree from a college. I went to a University and received a B.A. (only 3 years.. not 4 which would be an honours degree and for which you never write papers) While taking the final courses for my psych B.A. I also took my pre-med courses in my 3rd and 4th year for naturopathic medicine as I didn't need an honors degree or even a science degree at the time (that pre-requisite has since changed). You actually have a few post-graduate universities for naturopathic medicine in the states.. whereas we only have the one in Toronto that is NPLEX accredited. I never claimed to have done any courses in quantum theory.. it's just a passion of mine. And as for whether or not psychic power is provable.. it is which you would know if you viewed the vids I've posted.. BUT.. my blog is not a place to discourse. It is solely for people to get an inside view into my life for my fans and for clients. I'm not out to impress any windbags who think they are smarter than me and feel the need to post on my blog about my life and even call me a liar. You are obviously someone who needs a therapist yourself if you felt the need to do that. Please keep your negativity to yourself.

Shimmy said...

OMG!!!! You ARE Awesome!!! I Love You :DDD

Well, in 2007, a lecture I know recommended to me to watch Zeitgeist - and it scared the SHIT outta me(!)

I'm also an AVID fan of Ron Paul (I'm posting lots of Ron Pail Videos on Vimeo, Blip, etc.)

CM, I love you Sooooooo MUCH! *kisses*

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