Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Most of you know that I got into the adult industry as an escort to put myself thru naturopathic medical school some 20 years ago.. and when we get into discussions on health.. many of my clients go home with prescriptions or books to read or websites to view.. Some even go home with relationship advice.. funny hey? getting relationship advice from a hooker? awww.. don't get offended by the work hooker. It's okay when I use it :)

Anyway.. I thought it was about time since I've exposed myself in virtually every naked pose possible.. that I talk a abit about my other passions. Health.. health care is not really focused on in our culture. We focus on medical care. Medical care is a great industry to get into if you want to make money and enjoy seeing sick people. Health care on the other hand is about education. Please watch this clip. I'm very excited to see this movie soon.

Processed People.

and then this one.

I will have plenty more to add to this particular post as time goes on..
and then another post on my politics will follow.

Oh! and here is my absolute favorite site.. I use it as my homepage. Natural News and I also like and subscribe to Dr. Mercola I highly recommend you subscribe to both as well :)

for those of you interested in possibly changing your diet a wee bit.. wondering if sugar might be a problem? check this out

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