Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everything to do with sex show in Toronto

Came back from my trip to Ottawa Wednesday afternoon exhausted but excited. Christine had put an ad in the sun and the phone started ringing at 430 am.. which of course I first thought was a fluke but once woken up I unfortunately didn't go back to sleep til 730 at which time the phone started again and didn't stop for 2 hrs so I slept fitfully...
I had just started on a new program for my fibro which a good friend in Ottawa turned me on to.. (watch the video clip - click the link at the top of the page) that builds glutathione - a major powerful antioxidant.. and as well had one of their vitamin packs with nanomolecular (immediately absorbable) vitamin mixes.. so I took that and when Christine came back in at 10 am I was coherent enough to hit the road for Toronto. NOTE: everyone at the convention working either had the flue or was getting it and I who usually pick up everything did not get sick!!! Another reason to be happy and excited...

Back to the show.. I was super excited as a friend of mine from LA was visiting to help M/C the miss nude pageant. I met up with him at Whiskey a go-go where I ran into Sheik from terb.. had no clue they were good friends til that night.. small world.. but the adult world is even smaller. Although I've corresponded with Sheik re: terb and on facebook we had never met. He's a sweetheart.
Thursday I went to pick up my banner for my booth that I had made through Albie at Northboundleather. I should have made it bigger in hindsight but hey we can't have anything outshining the size of my enormous bossom...
Did my hair again all curly. this takes quite a bit of time so I rarely do it.. and alot of hairspray which causes a tangled mess.. and went to the pre-party at Club Wicked. met up with my galpals in the industry and danced in the cage. It was so much fun!

Friday was spent recuperating from the party and getting ready for the show. Upon arriving Jodi that I had sent an email about the purepillz issue told me her boss agreed with me about them not belonging at the show and would no longer have them at future events. I was relieved. This past year for me has been alot about being more and more comfortable about sex being a healthy healing thing for me and others that I touch (ha pun intended). So many people came up to me at my booth asking about the industry and giving me kudos for putting it all out there! I had my hard-core porn playing and a variety of my magazine spreads open for them to view so I was 'out there' in all my glory. Yes it takes guts to be so exposed but the results of new fans, new friendships and helping others feel more empowered sexually were all worth it. Some leering individuals creeped me out.. one guy even had the gall to take a picture of my video playing and when I told him the actual video was only 10 bucks.. said he could just go home and download it for free! I was pissed.. but I'm not a hypocrite.. I too have downloaded music and porn for free. he didn't realize it was me standing behind it and also in it.. he never even looked up at me til I told him he had balls to say that to me..

In fact most people took a few looks at the porn and ignored me.. but they were just shy and embarassed to be caught looking at yes even at the 'sex show'.. Hey! I've been there myself.. being a die-hard born-again christian just prior to getting into the sex business.. so I've evolved alot... a hell of a lot!!! Then it was funny to see the looks on people's faces after making a comment on the video...looking at me and then realizing with astonishment they had just been watching me have sex. The laughs I got from it were priceless. Some asked me how to get into porn and some were too shy but I've been getting emails from some of the shy ones who just grabbed my card and contacted me afterwards. Now I'm thinking for next years show I should give a seminar all about my experiences in the industry both here in Canada and in LA.. as most people are extremely curious about it.
Saturday I was at my booth from noon til midnight and it was the busiest day. I got a body cast done at 7 pm.. and then headed back to my booth for a while.. I didn't get much of a chance to see the other booths or the shows going on on the main stage but I could hear them from where I was situated and it sounded like fun!
Sat night was a visit to Northbound Leather's party at the Docks. It was humungous and everyone was dressed in leather/latex or crossdressing. My only problem with that was it was way too fucking dark to see anything til you were right up close to anyone. This for me was like a halloween party and halloween is my favorite event. I love to dress up.. still haven't figured out where for this upcoming weekend but I'm going as wonder woman wherever I may be :)

My first 4-some!!!

Well not my first but my first professional 4some.. I've had an awesome 4some once before where I was the entree and had 3 guys once at a swinger party. Geeze guess I should blog about that too! I will.. remind me
I was in Ottawa seeing clients and friends the week prior to the sex show. Christine gets more and more gracious each time I visit. This time she fixed my laptop for me by showing me open-office instead of microsoft office which saved me much needed space on my laptop. She showed me how to respond to online messages on her website and put an icon of me there saying I was seeing clients in her absence. She also of course provides me with her incall which is invaluable to me.. as staying in a hotel is not only costly but inconvenient.
Anyway.. I was super excited to have a 4some with my friend Valerie, Amber Moon and one lucky client. It was for 2 hrs at Amber's place. I had only met Amber the summer of last year for a couple hrs when we did our movie in Toronto 'Dazed and Cumfuzed'. She was a trooper and though she was called in last minute to replace another girl and extremely tired from partying for a few days prior.. she pulled off a great scene. Then she moved to Ottawa where I had just moved from and I never saw her again. So I meet her at her place for the 4some and we reminisice about the movie we did. She shows me a few other movies of hers and I ask her to play one for the client and me while we wait for Valerie. We ended up playing the movie over and over again while we enjoyed our 4some visit. At one point I glance over at the screen to watch Amber suck a cock and realize outloud that she looks just like me from the side view with a cock in her mouth! We all have a good laugh and then it's mother/daughter Moon jokes for the rest of our play time. This is not a 'review' so details will mostly be omitted. save for the fact that Amber let me play with her hitachi while I watched the client and her each suck on one of Valerie's nipples.. and I came hard.. Ambers tongue wagging back and forth with her gorgeous eyes looking at me taught me alot about why eye contact is so important for certain people... you have to be in the mood for it.. sometimes I like to close my eyes to cum but when there was so much visual stimulation (her in person and her on the screen) well I know I have to get a tv in my bedroom so we can watch my porn while I fuck clients.. it's so hot!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Everything to do with sex

I was invited by Mary Taylor to join her booth at the show in London this past weekend. Mary is the woman who produced my first movie in Canada for Rogers on demand paytv called "Naughty Canadians at Home". It was my first time selling my own movie at a booth. I have signed autographs before in Vegas at AVN for 10network but at the time I didn't have my own movies out yet.. so this was a cool experience. I had my little DVD player from Wallmart playing my scene in the movie as well as some of my magazines and other photos I had printed off in glossy 8x10's on the table. I had only a small table for Friday and Saturday that I shared with Mary. She was doing her 'strip for your partner' seminars which were a blast (from what I could hear) as I wasn't able to view them from where I was maning my table and her DVD's of the same were also on our table. This was London's first time doing this show and I got a kick out of the fact that I was born in the hospital there 44 years ago. I wondered if someone from my youth might show up as I grew up an hour away from there but no-one did. You all know what a small world it can be sometimes.. well it was for Mary. A girl at the table across from us recognized Mary from several years ago in Mary's stripping days. This girl was a waitress in the bar where Mary had stripped. The girl at the table was helping a sex educator who gave her talks on bum play and g-spot pleasure. Beside them was a woman giving palm readings and was burning incense. It was highly annoying and with the smoke coming off of that combined with the dryness of the building we were all getting sore throats. Well talking to people over the noise of 3 different stages in the building to have conversations didn't help. Well wine did.. and we had some Saturday evening to help us get through the long day. Mary had a couple friends join us for the afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday so we had a blast with them. The palm reader was asked to put out the incense and she did but then she would start it up again whenever she did a reading... so ignoring our pleas we sought the help of the staff and they put it out. The lady said she'd leave if she couldn't have her incense.. we didn't mind a bit! She gave off a negative vibe anyway..
Mary has been doing these events for 9 years so she asked the management if I could fill up the blank spot the palm reader left. Woo hoo! I got my own booth on Sunday where I could display my wares a bit better and people came up more to talk to me.. I had some great conversations with people starting with the explanation that I'm 44 years old and only got into porn at 42 and started with my magazines. I really got into a groove and had some great talks with people. I especially got a kick out of telling some of the younger couples how to do webcam shows and make money doing live shows and the older couples (older than my own parents) who bought my porn because of my age :) That was pretty cool for me.
The only thing other than the palm reader that annoyed me was a booth of young people giving away samples of something they claimed was akin to Crystal Meth and Ectasy. People were taking this because there was a 'vitamin' in it that was supposed to give you energy. It wasn't until I was having a conversation with someone that halfway through started bruxism. I asked him if he had TMJ and he said it was from that pill! I mentioned it to one of the cooridinators and sent them an email about it.. but I think recreational drugs has no business at an expo. I feel it's important to present an ideal that sex is healthy and good for you. Drugs are not!!!