Monday, October 6, 2008

Everything to do with sex

I was invited by Mary Taylor to join her booth at the show in London this past weekend. Mary is the woman who produced my first movie in Canada for Rogers on demand paytv called "Naughty Canadians at Home". It was my first time selling my own movie at a booth. I have signed autographs before in Vegas at AVN for 10network but at the time I didn't have my own movies out yet.. so this was a cool experience. I had my little DVD player from Wallmart playing my scene in the movie as well as some of my magazines and other photos I had printed off in glossy 8x10's on the table. I had only a small table for Friday and Saturday that I shared with Mary. She was doing her 'strip for your partner' seminars which were a blast (from what I could hear) as I wasn't able to view them from where I was maning my table and her DVD's of the same were also on our table. This was London's first time doing this show and I got a kick out of the fact that I was born in the hospital there 44 years ago. I wondered if someone from my youth might show up as I grew up an hour away from there but no-one did. You all know what a small world it can be sometimes.. well it was for Mary. A girl at the table across from us recognized Mary from several years ago in Mary's stripping days. This girl was a waitress in the bar where Mary had stripped. The girl at the table was helping a sex educator who gave her talks on bum play and g-spot pleasure. Beside them was a woman giving palm readings and was burning incense. It was highly annoying and with the smoke coming off of that combined with the dryness of the building we were all getting sore throats. Well talking to people over the noise of 3 different stages in the building to have conversations didn't help. Well wine did.. and we had some Saturday evening to help us get through the long day. Mary had a couple friends join us for the afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday so we had a blast with them. The palm reader was asked to put out the incense and she did but then she would start it up again whenever she did a reading... so ignoring our pleas we sought the help of the staff and they put it out. The lady said she'd leave if she couldn't have her incense.. we didn't mind a bit! She gave off a negative vibe anyway..
Mary has been doing these events for 9 years so she asked the management if I could fill up the blank spot the palm reader left. Woo hoo! I got my own booth on Sunday where I could display my wares a bit better and people came up more to talk to me.. I had some great conversations with people starting with the explanation that I'm 44 years old and only got into porn at 42 and started with my magazines. I really got into a groove and had some great talks with people. I especially got a kick out of telling some of the younger couples how to do webcam shows and make money doing live shows and the older couples (older than my own parents) who bought my porn because of my age :) That was pretty cool for me.
The only thing other than the palm reader that annoyed me was a booth of young people giving away samples of something they claimed was akin to Crystal Meth and Ectasy. People were taking this because there was a 'vitamin' in it that was supposed to give you energy. It wasn't until I was having a conversation with someone that halfway through started bruxism. I asked him if he had TMJ and he said it was from that pill! I mentioned it to one of the cooridinators and sent them an email about it.. but I think recreational drugs has no business at an expo. I feel it's important to present an ideal that sex is healthy and good for you. Drugs are not!!!

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