Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is the industry in a evolutionary stage where the next progression is role-play for the most part?

Blogger R Hammond said...
Your humble the industry in a evolutionary stage where the next progression is role-play for the most part?

With all the various stages of the past couple of just seems like the days of a marginal introduction/script attached to sixty-odd minutes of sex-video isn't working and some soap-opera-like theme is likely to evolve next or be created.

I sat a few nights ago and watched a commercial network (German) which ran one of Russ Meyer's movies from the mid-70s....Vixen, I think. Russ tried to combine humor, a bare essentials script, and Amazon-like women into some drive-in movie situation. I was kinda surprised, amused, and entertained (at least by the scenes with the Amazon-gals). You wouldn't have gotten the uncut version of the movie on a US network, but the Germans were running this after 10PM over the open-air. As risque as it was in the late is acceptable today (at least in Germany).

Anyway, my two cents.

My response to this:
While I offer role-play since I started doing porn and am quite comfortable with most of the roles I play with my clients in person or on cam.. most if not all of the escort colleagues I know other than dominatrix escorts are not in the slightest and will not ever offer it.

It is very popular with a good hefty portion of my clientele because they already often know me from my porn and are trying to play out a fantasy scenario from either my porn or their own fantasy.

However many of my clients do not need or desire role-play and I'm actually quite happy to be 'just me' on occasion as well :)

There are role-play hard limits I have as well.. I do not play submissive.. and I have others..

I am comfortable with the mommy/son, step-mom etc because I have had lots of practice due to my roles in porn..

I am not as comfortable being a domme.. because there is so much more creative thought which I haven't learned.. I was often teased that I wasn't quite 'mean enough' so even though there would be lots of call for it.. I leave it to my more experienced girlfriends unless the client understands that I'm 'mediocre' at it and need more guidance as to what they want in a session.

I am very happy role-playing a cougar.. because I am one! but I adore also being with an older gent who sees me as a 'pretty young thing'..

It's unique and different with every single person I meet on cam or in person.. it's only boring if the person is boring who you're with :) I don't need roleplay to 'get off' but some of my clients do.. and I'm completely comfortable with that.

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