Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm a self professed karaoke whore.. which means that I would be happy to hog the mike all night long if no-one else wanted to go up and sing.

If you haven't seen my singing and want to amuse yourself... go to

I have been showing Summer a variety of karaoke venues in Ottawa. Summer doesn't sing but is happy to enjoy a fine Canadian brew while she watches me and some of my friends sing :)

visit from Miss Molly Robinson

Summer and I had an evening in drinking wine and swapping stories while Molly was here in Ottawa for a few days seeing clients. Here's Molly's site.

Molly is mostly available in Toronto and although we've kept in touch since meeting her with 2 of her gal pals last year this was my first time seeing her again. She's refreshingly down-to-earth and loves her job.. so my kinda woman.

Like me she shied away from the biz after being exposed to a loved one and then after some time away from it came back to it even stronger and more determined to be a strong proud voice for our profession. She writes erotic stories which will curl your toes but I love her the most for her writing a parody of the 'I Am Canadian' commercial called 'I am a hooker'.. and you know how much I love calling myself a hooker :)

If you're not familiar with the original commercial.. please watch that first. The quebec one is funny too..

"I Am a Hooker"

Hey, I’m not a crack whore, or a gold digger...

I don’t walk the streets or shoot heroine, nor do I have a pimp...

yes I do know Jimmy, John and Joe from Toronto,

believe it or not they really are just "normal" guys.

I own an upscale condo, I don't work in a back ally.

I offer French and Russian, no Greek.

You can call me a “whore”, not “a Ho”.

I can proudly spread my legs for cash.

I believe in decriminalizing, not legalizing,

safety for sex workers, not morality laws

and that the shaved beaver is a truly lovely site.

An escort is a hooker, a civilian, well she does it for "free",

and I get paid in “cash” not “trade”, “cash”!!!

Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession!

The first institution of debauchery!

and the finest service ever sold to man.

My name is Molly!!

And I am a Hooker!!!

and here's a snap of us from my blackberry..

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Stepmother Made me.

View link here My stepmother made me...

This was a pretty fun video to shoot but all the outfits they asked me to bring I didn't end up wearing and they hadn't asked for a bikini... I liked the top but the bottom was weird. I would never wear that in real life :)

The young lad who played my stepson kept texting me days later to get together for fun.. I told him no thanks..but I'd be happy to film a sequel if they would hire us together... guess I'm a better actor than I thought!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

tonight's masturbatory fantasy

I had my weekly regular Sunday night appt complete with vibratory masturbation session. Since I had earlier talked with Summer tonight's fantasy included her. She was being banged doggie style by haitian hec who she often films with and then Mika Tan showed up and he kept pulling his dick out of Summer and getting Mika to suck his cock alternating back and forth.. Then it became me as Hec :) I spurted my hot load on Summer's ass and Mika's mouth. Good cum!

"Summertime" in Ottawa

Here are pics of Summer and I at the beach! unbelievable how hot it was yesterday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stunning Summer

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Strangers

A couple of weeks ago within the space of one week I had two random males approach me in a very discrete respectful way to let me know they knew who I was. One was while I was grocery shopping and another was in a well-known cougar bar downtown ottawa that I do not frequent but was supporting a friend of mine who was guest singing a couple of tunes. It's very flattering.. and in both cases the gentlemen in question waited til I was alone before approaching me - I assume so that I could easily deny their assumption/declaration that I'm indeed Carrie Moon and of course for their own discretion. One of them booked me the following week for an appointment and we had a lovely session.

Ottawa is indeed a rather small city compared to Toronto.. so the chances of my being recognized are more frequent and likely to occur. It makes me wonder how many other people recognize me on my daily travels but keep it to themselves. I'm way more comfortable with that happening to me than I was before I got into porn.

Getting into porn has made me feel more free about my being open about my profession and it's so good to have friends who support me in what I do. Really I've only had about 2 or 3 people drop out of my life who had an issue with my chosen profession.. and the people I've met in the recent few years who are either in the industry or are outside of it supporting me on the sidelines well than more make up for the loss of those who find it out of their comfort zone.

I signed in to my blog today to find several comments from younger men wanting to chat on msn or to know if they can lose their virginity to me.. and others on my facebook page or emailing me or calling me with the same question. Here's the problem.. with my chatting on msn.. I DON'T. I really don't have the inclination to chat up strangers for their enjoyment. I don't get paid for that and I personally don't enjoy getting to know you while you may get off on getting to know me! In person is a very different story.. and that's why I'm an escort and not a webcam/chat/phone sex girl..

with regards to those wanting to lose their virginity.. great! but in most cases they wish to save up for it as they live very far away and would need to also pay for travel expenses.. and are planning on visiting me a year from now! REALLY???
That's a great plan.. but who knows if I'll even be escorting a year from now. I hope you don't pin all your hopes on losing it with me and have a back-up plan in place should I retire just before you make that fantasy come true.

I know.. I know.. you're thinking.. Carrie.. you've been at this for 20 years.. would you really happen to retire just before I decide to book you? Anything can happen... and I hate to disappoint... but in all likelihood I will be retired one year from now.. or even less.

I have other interests besides the adult industry that I don't elaborate on here that may eclipse by then the earning potential of this business. Yes.. I'll still be having a sex life after I retire.. but I doubt I'll be choosing 28 or 19 year old virgins to spread my joy too at that point. I enjoy them as clients and in videos but rarely am I inclined to get together with someone that young in my off time.. in fact I never have but once.. and that was about 10 years ago when a good gf and I picked up a young 21 year old in Tremblant and passed him back and forth over a weekend.

I may have already told that story.. but she had a blowjob fetish and couldn't ever say no to one.. knowing that full well after he had worn me out for the night I told him to go to her room and ask for a bj.. the noise following their playtime wasn't enough to disturb my sleep and so as fully exhausted as I was from our late night partying at the bar and following exhausting romp.. I got some much needed shut-eye while I grinned to myself that it was her turn.

Anyway.. I digress.. (and no.. she's not nor ever will be an escort so don't ask about her).

Anyway..I'm also getting requests from prospective clients to travel 1/2 way across the world to India, Dubai, Australia etc.. and I'm very very reluctant to travel all that way for any price to see a stranger. First of all ... I don't like to do overnight appts with someone I've never met for a shorter appt to see if we are compatible enough to spend that larger amount of time together. While it's flattering to have fans all over the world I don't feel comfortable doing that. I realize it's difficult for some people to travel this far because of work/personal obligations but it's a must for me to be completely comfortable.

Of course I get plenty of requests to travel to the US but I am not legally able to go back there at this point in time and don't wish to go through the process of humilation with the US border patrol to be interrogated again.. so not going to happen.

I still have plenty of places to visit within my own country and a long waiting list of prospective clients to see in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver.. so I'll be heading there first. I love Ottawa but I'm feeling a need to 'spread my seed' in a new territory. Spring fever if you will. Obviously I don't have 'seed' and will have to spread my legs but it didn't make sense to say so :)