Thursday, April 15, 2010

visit from Miss Molly Robinson

Summer and I had an evening in drinking wine and swapping stories while Molly was here in Ottawa for a few days seeing clients. Here's Molly's site.

Molly is mostly available in Toronto and although we've kept in touch since meeting her with 2 of her gal pals last year this was my first time seeing her again. She's refreshingly down-to-earth and loves her job.. so my kinda woman.

Like me she shied away from the biz after being exposed to a loved one and then after some time away from it came back to it even stronger and more determined to be a strong proud voice for our profession. She writes erotic stories which will curl your toes but I love her the most for her writing a parody of the 'I Am Canadian' commercial called 'I am a hooker'.. and you know how much I love calling myself a hooker :)

If you're not familiar with the original commercial.. please watch that first. The quebec one is funny too..

"I Am a Hooker"

Hey, I’m not a crack whore, or a gold digger...

I don’t walk the streets or shoot heroine, nor do I have a pimp...

yes I do know Jimmy, John and Joe from Toronto,

believe it or not they really are just "normal" guys.

I own an upscale condo, I don't work in a back ally.

I offer French and Russian, no Greek.

You can call me a “whore”, not “a Ho”.

I can proudly spread my legs for cash.

I believe in decriminalizing, not legalizing,

safety for sex workers, not morality laws

and that the shaved beaver is a truly lovely site.

An escort is a hooker, a civilian, well she does it for "free",

and I get paid in “cash” not “trade”, “cash”!!!

Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession!

The first institution of debauchery!

and the finest service ever sold to man.

My name is Molly!!

And I am a Hooker!!!

and here's a snap of us from my blackberry..

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Unknown said...

3 sexy women, but i like the one in the middle.