Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quantum physics

So I know I said I would talk about politics after my post on health.. but I decided to talk first about spirituality.. because it relates to politics and health.

First of all.. we are not merely flesh and blood. We are spirit bodies who have chosen to go to 'school' here on earth. Now why in the heck would we do that? Good question and I still don't get it. Apparently.. according to the more spiritually advanced people I read/watch on youtube or tv... we are dumb enough and bold enough to volunteer for such a task. Don't believe me? that's okay.. if you are curious about this stuff here are some people you might want to listen to... Sylvia Brown, John Edwards (not the politician - the medium). You may think it's all bunk.. but really watch them for an hour or so.. what have you got to lose? you might be blown away.

next! Have you watched 'what the bleep do we know'? here are some links whatthebleep trailer
movie in parts on veoh and of course their website whatthebleep

once you watch that.. search for dr emoto's stuff on water. Watch water the great mystery.. to buy go here on or to view on google videos go here

now don't blame me if none of these links are valid.. do your own research.. but always feel free to email me as well if you have others you feel are entertaining and informative and I'm happy to forward links to you as well if you email me. This is a huge passion of mine and I find it weird that some people pay attention to only what is in front of their noses and never look deeper.

Next. If you watched or read emoto's stuff on hidden messages in water you will know how important words are to water.. and therefore everything in the world! Put up the most powerful words in your house. Gratitude, Love, Thank you. Merci or my favorite in Kanji... in any language! Your body's chi will thank you and things will start coming your way.. which brings me to the secret movie. preview here
Watch this movie and then find books on the law of attraction. It works!

Dr. Emoto's work was profoundly fascinating.. he took water and flash froze it to make in effect a snowflake and showed that water when shown words would react with an image to reflect that word. Here's an image of prayer

and Love and Gratitude

and Truth

Here's a chidren's book pdf version of Hidden Messages in Water. Cute and it's thorough.

picture book

and here's emoto's site and masaru-emoto

so what? oh there's way more... but that's enough for now! enjoy :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie

I've always been intrigued by Emoto's work; it;s even more interesting when you consider that our bodies are made mostly of... water...

Anyway, here's a link I ran across this morning that i thought I'd share with you: