Monday, August 17, 2009

D-cup photo shoot

I in fact don't even know if any of these pics made it to publishing.. but here they are. We ended up shooting it solo as the fellow had trouble staying hard whenever Anton came to start shooting.. It was his first time and as happens with a lot of guys who think they will have no trouble staying hard for a porn shoot.. they do in fact. I mean imagine trying to have sex with a stranger under hot lights. The testosterone may be flowing but the homophobic feelings of having a male photographer or in some cases a male crew watching your every move can be disconcerting to say the least! Couple that with stage fright.. knowing that there's a time constraint and certain expectations of moves and such and well you have a recipe for limp dick. I've seen it happen where the guy is completely hard and ready to go so long as we're technically alone.. but as soon as the watchful camera and human eye is looking at his ability and over his shoulder... down it droops. The young guy in the Gent shoot at 21 by the time of that shoot had already been doing these types of shoots for 2 years and was a pro apparently from the get-go having done a gang-bang on his first shoot. Nice!