Sunday, August 16, 2009


I scanned these in today.. not sure if I have the right settings on my scanner as I was unable to find my Canon mp210 software on my laptop.. and used picassa. I also am not known for my organizational skills and am known instead for my love for clutter so I couldn't find my CD to reinstall the software nor find the proper software on the Canon website! anyway.. if someone knows how to get my software online or knows what settings I need to do in picassa for magazines.. let me know.

I did it on the lowest resolution because as you may or may not know when you scan in magazines they are super duper grainy! so I think they turned out well enough.. and you should be able to enlarge them. BTW for those of you who visit me and can take home a magazine without questionable eyes at home.. I have several copies of Legworld, Gent (yet to post those) and the 2nd Girls over 40 but only one copy each of Juggs, Over 40 and 40+ which for freaks sake I had to buy myself at the sexshop! My first layout of girls over 40 technically I have several copies of as well but they are still in Arizona. It will cost a bundle for me to re-ship them.. so I'll get them when I have the funds. Thanks for the feedback today! I like it!

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