Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Highland Games weekend

Last weekend I met up with my friends from high school days and the highland games was the spot in Maxville. One friend is living in Edmonton with her husband and 2 kids. Paul.. my gay friend is living in Switzerland and they both come back to the kingston area where we lived in our teens to visit their folks and then rarely.. every 3-4 years the 3 of us manage to connect! The weather mostly held up for the weekend considering we've had so much rain this fricken summer so we were grateful for that.
Paul and I are more like girlfriends than anything else.. and we had a system for checking out the guys in kilts and alerting the other to their presence.. it's an old but easy one. Just give a time on the clock relative to where you are standing and then a rating of the guy's appearance. ie 12 o'clock and 9 meant straight across from you and a 9 out of 10. It was fun for a bit but honestly there wasn't much eye candy at the games except for the cops! There were several men in uniform and they were hunky. Damn why is it that a man in uniform uh... uniformly brings out the grrr factor in both women and gay men? Does a woman in uniform do that to a man? Doubtful.. for men it's women in short skirts and cleavage enhancing tops.. which of course I had on :)
Which brings me to a fantasy.. believe it or not I have several unfulfilled fantasies. I've never fucked a guy in uniform. 3 years ago when I moved back to Toronto to pursue my porn career and be closer to family.. I was moved by a guy who a full year later let me know by email that he knew at that time who I was. I was surprised to say the least because up to that point I hadn't done much porn.. so he must have known me from my escort site.
This past April when I moved back to Ottawa I contacted him again to have him move me and he agreed but didn't show up himself. He had 2 other guys and during chatting I found out that the guy was a cop and did the moving company part time! I was floored. I sent him an email asking if this was true and he admitted it was.. had thought about booking me several times but figured it was probably not a good idea. I was disapointed to say the least. Hey cops see hookers too! I asked him to send me some pics of him in uniform at least.. which he claimed he didn't have but promised he would.. and I'm still
SO!!! If any of you are my clients and are reading this and secretly are a cop.. please let me know and bring your uniform to a visit.. or if you have a cop friend who has a uniform that might fit you and would lend you no questions asked.. well it would help fulfil one of my fantasies :)

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