Thursday, September 9, 2010

Autumn comes - Another great limerick from Old Dog

As I think of today, my eyes tear,
For the end of the summer is near,
Oh the things of my whimsy,
Are tops thin and flimsy,
On the girls who have shed their brassiere.

With autumn, comes heavier wear,
With nary an inch of flesh bare,
But I must confess,
My eyes needed the rest,
From three months of continuous stare.

So, what's a poor guy to do,
When the chill winds of autumn blow through?
Why the answer is clear,
You should know it, you're here,
And you should have thought of it, too.

Oh the options we have are so many,
Be it Karen or Maggie or Jenny,
For CERB does provide,
A selection so wide,
The value is worth every penny.

So now, you had better remember,
When you're warm in a bed in December,
With a wonderful feeling,
As you stare at the ceiling,
Thank god I read this in September.

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