Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sex Work is Work

A friend of mine wrote this so I can't take the credit. This came up on a discussion board where some people like to think of seeing an escort as a 'date' wherein ''calling it a job/work'' is considered somewhat of a dirty word. Some of us take offense to that.. because for those of us who do it well and with pride... it is our career choice.. and certainly not a hobby or for fun on the side. It's how I pay my rent and bills and I take it seriously while also enjoying it. Enjoy the limerick :)

The quintessential Sex Work is Work Limerick!!!
The brazen young man with a 'tude,
Said, "Yo, I'm a good looking dude,"
He figured his "date,"
Should be paid half the rate,
As he admired himself, in the nude.

So, he surfed the CERB ads with that thought,
Thinking, "She won't reject me, I'm hot!"
He made a few choices,
And imagined the voices,
Scream his name as he found the right spot.

But no one accepted this snob,
And no one would touch his wee knob,
You see, this rude jerk,
Never thought of this work,
As a valid and substantive job.

The moral, my friends, is quite true,
Whether booking with Jane, Beth or Sue,
When you bargain a session,
You'll soon learn a lesson,
That ends with your palm, full of goo.

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Unknown said...

You're right. excellent story.