Friday, August 6, 2010


don't email me or text me if you haven't bothered to prepare your question.
don't expect me to do all the work.
do keep it simple. Hi Carrie. I would love to see you. Do you have time available ____
It's as easy as that.
I'm easily pleased that way.. but I'm easily turned off all the other ways.

text: what's up?
I don't reply.. any idea why? nope? that's why.. you're too dumb to even get why that's wrong.

in an email? even worse.

here's what you expect from me in response I bet. keeping in mind I have no freaking clue who you are because you haven't even introduced yourself. ''my ideal response to you''. Hi stranger. I've been waiting for your text/email. I knew you were going to contact me (because I'm a mind reader). Would you like to see me tonight?

yah.. I'm not going to do that.. why? because if you're such a tool that you need handholding through the simplest of correspondences.. how are you ever going to find my house?

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