Friday, February 27, 2009

getting settled in Ottawa

I've moved into westboro as of Tuesday and started seeing clients on Wednesay :)
The place is simply lovely. I love it here so much already and can't wait to enjoy the backyard in the spring. I'll be planting flowers and a garden and get to bbq! woo hoo!! Of course shopping for new curtains and other items for the house is on the agenda and we all know how I love shopping. Can't hang my clothes up yet because there are no closet bars or shelves. No worries.. I hadn't moved everything from my Toronto apt in yet and have lots of room to play with for now. I'm no huge hurry.. I'm just glad I accomplished everything I was able to do in such a short time span. I only found out last Friday I was for sure going to get to rent the place.. and since they allowed an early move it I jumped on the opportunity just in case someone else offered a better idea to them :) Anyway.. thankfully the weather cooperated and my friends in Toronto helped me pack up the truck. My Toronto movers were a no-show but my Ottawa movers were very flexible and helpful. U-haul rocks.


Anonymous said...


Caught your ad on craigslist. Welcome to Ottawa. Love the blog, great lil insight into your industry. You write very poignantly.

Good luck!


Robbin Young said...

Hi Carrie!

What a great Blog...and WOW, you're HOT!!! Cum to Vegas, and let's "play" together. ;)

Best of luck, in your new place!