Saturday, February 7, 2009

2nd interview for What shooting are you doing today? I'm shooting pretty much solely for a handjob site called
Jerky Girls It's mostly a niche market for handjobs and sometimes footjobs where the women are in control and mostly clothed (CFNM) and the men vulnerable victims to the women's whims.

2) What exactly is CFNM, and what is the market? CFNM or "clothed female, nude male" is a niche in and of itself where the male is naked and the female stays clothed. It depicts the vulnerability and powerlessness of the male and the female obviously is in control. It's great for men who are shy to view porn that enhances their fantasy world where the women are sexually agressive and they get to be passive participants. It's a more subtle way of depicting domination... although often in a domination scene the dominatrix is fully clothed as well. In these scenarios it's very rare for penetration to occur but not unheard of. I've often found that men love a woman to be the aggressor.. hence the 'cougar' phenomen where older women come on to younger men.. another niche I personally am sought after for.. but CFNM is not limited to cougars or milfs.

3) What kind of facilities do you work in? It's just a rented space in an industrial park. It's great because there are several scene rooms set up so we can change things up. I typically shoot 6 scenes back to back and since they only take about 15 minutes to shoot including wardrobe changes.. the young lads being given the handjobs are only there for 15 minutes or so each. It's the most fun and well organized set I've ever been on and this includes all of the shoots I've done in LA... many of which were not done in a timely fashion.

4) Why do you think the handjob market is so popular? The all important cum shot is quite visible in a handjob scene. I also think that for myself... what's gone missing in sex for me is the handjob. Very rarely does a lover give me one. Oral sex has become the norm for foreplay in both adult movies and real life play.. I miss the handjob frankly... but then again few people would have the skill required. Giving a man a handjob requires a lot less skill than giving a woman one. *she laughs* As for why it's so popular? As I said.. the control factor. Most men are too shy to pick up women for fear of being shot down. They like the idea of a woman being in control. Most men if not all... love their cocks alot! The idea that a woman can't help herself with her oral or handjob addiction is their fantasy. Blowjob sites are everywhere.. but there are several men who don't care that much for blowjobs believe it or not... and love handjobs. I also believe that this goes back to a teenager's memory when perhaps their first interaction with the female of their affections might have been a handjob.

5) You mentioned in a recent email that "occasionally of course I must provide the tits as the stars." What starring roles are they playing these days? Well despite the CFNM niche that the handjob sitesmostly depict, a rare glimpse of breasts is quite the accepted fantasy. I'm not the only girl on the site who is okay with full nudity.. so to keep many of the fans happy there are several videos where we are topless or completely nude. I'm quite happy without clothes on. I do enjoy the scripting for Jerky Girls quite a bit. We have so much fun with them. One of the last ones I did cracked me up so much. I was a 'tit control therapist'. Instead of hypnotizing my client (which incidentally isn't allowed in a script because it implies the participant is not under his/her own control during sex) I mesmerized the client by whipping out my tits and spinning them around til he agreed with everything I wanted. It was hilarious.

6) Is the MILF role growing on you? How is it affecting you from a business standpoint? OMG yes. I love it! Having younger men fantasize about me is such a turn on now. I can't imagine not doing MILF porn. From a business standpoint.. well since my porn is sold mostly online by other vendors or through my site I have no way of knowing who is buying it.. but in my escort business I get way more younger clients that have a fantasy of being with an older woman. Many mature escorts refuse to see younger clients but I love it. I even get virgins about once a month.. and the idea that a young man will someday tell the story (I assume leaving out the part where he paid for it) that an older woman seduced him and I get to be that 'Mrs. Robinson' is quite the turn on for me.

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