Friday, February 6, 2009


things that prospective clients do that piss me off..
1)calling me up to ask for a description, rates or location when all that stuff is on my site. That was okay when I only advertised in a paper obviously but they usually do that when they are stalling to ask another question that will piss me off even more.. ie 'do you offer specials/discounts?', do you do bareback blowjobs? do you do greek? ugggghhhh!
2)standups.. some guys call to cancel which is fine so long as they give decent notice.. some just don't show. I get that things come up.. or people chicken out but it pisses me off.
3)bad hygeine/smokers.. well that doesn't piss me off so much as gross me the fuck out! I have an acute sense of smell so when someone is wearing too much cologne or hasn't bathed/recently had a smoke.
4)Guys who call completely unknown to me.. act like they're all charming and expect me to chat them up like a long lost friend. They never ever book an appt anyway.. and if they do they are way too high maintenance expecting you to spend time off the cock with them or give them extras. 'special cases' yeah.. they're 'special needs'
5)What brought on this rant today? A previous client I quite enjoyed myself with a few times.. who now wants a discount because I had a good time! After standing me up yesterday because of a work emergency.. yeah right. You can't call me to cancel? takes 2 seconds. Since I enjoyed myself so much with him couldn't I give him a discount. Geeze.. do you enjoy your job? sometimes? does you boss catch you smiling and then say well since you enjoy your job you should do it for free/less? I told him to fuck off. If I only had clients I did not enjoy I wouldn't be in this business very long that's for sure!
I'll probably amend this rant blog later on as I think of more.. they are kind of funny no?

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