Monday, July 25, 2011

another 3some with sky

So.. my SNR (sunday night regular) had such a good time with our duo he booked another one straight away (this was Monday again this past week).

I think part of it was we hadn't had a 3some in some time til this one with Sky and it was such a hot one.. coupled with the factor that I'd been talking about a duo with Sky since I met her at the xmas party and we anticipated it for 6 months!

This time Sky was anxious to play cards again and we had a blast playing strip gin for over 30 minutes. I won :)

SNR brought along a toy for us to play with similar to the rabbit and Sky squealed with delight demanding to be first to experience the new toy. I suggested we also incorporate the magic wand on her clit while the vibrator twisted against her gspot while it vibrated inside her.

One interesting thing about the differences between Sky and myself. Sky threw her head back in pleasure while demanding I put the dildo/vibrator deep inside her and put the magic wand on full blast.. whereas when it was turned on me several minutes later I couldn't stand it on full blast.

With regards to the magic wand it has become my only go-to vibrator.. I need full control of it.. because my clit is way too sensitive to have it on full blast and the lower speed is still extremely powerful.. I wish they made it with a variable speed but they don't. It's only high and super high... no low.

Anyway.. Sky was making a ton of noise.. thank god my house is a detached and very soundproof. I was laughing my butt off watching her buck in delight. I can't explain why it's comical but I commented that I could never do a serious job of a porn where I was doing this to her. It was just to delightful in a hilarious way the response to these toys. She was able to tolerate this exquisite 'torture' for quite some time before calling 'uncle' and then it was my turn.

Like I said we are different in our sensitivity and it was too much right from the get for me with her running the wand on high.. so I had to handle it while she used the dildo on me. Then I took over both devices and once again I enjoyed watching the play between the two of them and got myself off a few times (I win again)

Then I demanded she blow Headmaster Dick as part of her education.. (we went back to our previous role-play on and off during the session). She suggested instead that I teach her how to give a blow-job and I realized she was right.

I showed her how to put on a condom with my mouth and suck on the head as I did.. and slowly force the condom down with my mouth. SNR is an older client and has trouble getting fully hard... so this works better than putting a condom a semi-erect or even non-erect penis. She later used this technique with other clients and was so glad to learn this technique.

The major issue with semi-erect clients is air in the condo.. which makes for horrible blowjobs for both the client and your mouth. It's like sucking on a plastic bag. SNR loves my blowjobs.. but then again I've had almost 10 years experience with him as a client so I know what he likes.

He still usually prefers and is better able to come by jerking off on my tits..and this session we put Sky into my normal ending position where I lie where my tits are level with his cock on my back facing him and he faces me lying on his side and comes on my tits. This time when he was ready to cum I jumped in so that he could cover both sets of our tits.

Next session I'm going to take my strap-on to Sky... I know now that she likes a hard pounding and I'm just the gal to give it to her.

Oh! we played a couple rounds of in after the session and Sky won 2 in a row very quickly. Luck probably.. but I'm thinking she plays better when she's been well satisfied.

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Randman said...

Another great, hot post! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Very sexy! The magic wand is great no doubt about it! If you try a strap on with Sky she'll go totally wild! : ) But will you keep a straight face? haha! I'm sure you'll blog about it and I can't wait to read it! : )