Monday, February 28, 2011

Another idiot day

Some days it seriously seems the stars are misaligned or something and I only get contacted by morons.

1) I get a phone call from someone who will be visiting from out of town. (do I offer uncovered bj?) .. answer no. Then he asks ''even if I provide a certificate''?
I always just hang up at this point.. because I have no patience for this question. Or the one that asks 'even if I offer you more money?' Yeesh.. girls who offer this service for more money or strangely offer it with a test (I have yet to see this on an escort site) will say so!

2) I get a lengthy email from someone who vents in the whole email about he understands that I don't provide BBBJ or kissing but then goes on to whine about other girls he's seen who also don't.. etc etc.
My reply to this is.. give me a break. Plenty of girls openly offer GFE and PSE and are completely comfortable with this service...some of them are good friends of mine!!! (I've done several duos with girls who respect my boundaries and I theirs and we perform our services differently and they guys are completely happy!) I tell him to do his research and check reviews. Someone who hobbies as much as this guy claims would already know this.. so he's probably just trying to be a nuisance. I do not get this..(shaking my head)

3) I get nude pics sent to me by a guy who wants me to hook him up in porn. UGH!!! The guy is already in LA.. which I tell him is where the agents are..I AM NOT AN AGENT! and not to send nude pics unsolicited! Then he responds by whining about the fact he's in south LA.. and about 45 min from the agents. WHAT?? who cares.. I'm literally 1000's of miles away from there.. so I have no sympathy for you today dude. Get off your lazy butt and contact some porn agents. They are after all listed publically.

lol.. 3 strikes in one day.. oh well.. get the weirdos out of the way today and tomorrow will be all nice gentlemen right? lmao..

Speaking of nice gentlemen.. I had a couple great fellows visit me on the weekend.. You know who you are :) OH! and one of them was very particularly nice and put up my light fixture and a shelf for me! boo yah! I was such a happy girl.

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jscot said...

Hi Carrie,
The service you provide has your "Rules of Engagement" which must be adhered to and respected. If one cannot understand that this is for the benefit of all participants they can go.......and fast!J