Sunday, February 27, 2011

tanning pics Feb 25th

Got a new outfit..a cheetah print Marilyn Monroe teddy from Winners. I will take proper pics in it one of these days but took the outfit with me to my tanning bed and tried to take some pics there :) I`ve got black stockings and some platform heels on.. but grabbed a couple pics inside the bed. They turned out kinda freaky with the stripes being from the light bulbs. Yeah.. I tan in my undies.. I like the tan lines!


jscot said...

Hi Carrie,
Pictures are GREAT. It doesn't seem to matter what you wear you always do it justice and more! If you do more pics would like to see those also.J

Randy said...

Once again, lovely pics! Love the pov shots inside the bed, never saw the inside of one before! : )

Anonymous said...

OMG! :D, you're really too good to be true! ^^ If you ever come to Sweden you gotta see me :P