Friday, March 25, 2011

garage sale mentality

I get a call today from someone wanting to book an appt.. all is pleasant as he asks for a certain time.. and I describe how to get to where I live. Then he asks my rate (which he should know already.. and if he doesn't for some reason he should have asked that first). I tell him for the 1/2 hr that he wants it's $160. He says.. is 120 okay? I respond with no.. and perhaps if your budget won't allow it today maybe you could book me another day. His response? Is 140 okay? My response is always at this point when I realize I'm speaking to a complete moron...

''You have a good day''. and I hang up.

Where do guys get the idea that seeing an escort is a great place to haggle?.... and don't blame craigslist. I've been doing this over 20 years.. and some guys have always done that. BUT what the guys who think they are shopping around for the best price or ''tire-kicking'' as another sp friend of mine says.. think we are all in competition with one another.. uh no.. buddy you are in competition with all of the other respectful, appreciative clients who don't ever quibble about a ladies rates and are grateful she takes the time to see you!


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