Monday, March 21, 2011

scammer - update

I removed the offending party's name and tel # from the blog. He offered to pay up if I would remove it.. and as a person of my word.. I did... and then I went on a shopping spree at Wal-mart. That money had to completely go towards fun stuff to remove the negative energy associated with the whole adventure.

After I contacted M.A. to let him know I was blogging his name and # on here for the whole world to see what kind of person he was.. and that I would leave it there so that anytime any future employers or family and friends googled him they would find out what he did..His response was to threaten me with calling the police!

He was under the mistaken (albeit common) impression that what I do is illegal and that I had no recourse if someone steals from me. I informed him that not only is what I do legal in Canada.. but that I have police contacts who don't take kindly to guys like him committing fraud and screwing over a working girl (pun intended). The whole thing got me very upset.. worse than being scammed is someone thinking they have the right to fuck you over somehow.. they justify it in their mind that what they are doing is fine and you have no rights. FUCK you!

I was so angered by this attitude that I threatened him with police action... but in reality a shopping spree is way more fun than revenge. I bought some new spring/summer shoes but of course can't wear them being the first day of spring.. of course it snowed! ack!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Carrie.