Sunday, February 5, 2012

OZ - heading to Australia?

I have wanted to visit Australia every since I was a little girl.. and since I have several viewers to my blog from Australia I want to reach out to you all and ask for advice.

I will probably stay in Sydney for my first trip.. but I would love advice on where to stay and where to advertise from those who live there or who are in the know.

Please email me at

I intend to visit in a few months and want to know as much as I can before going :)

Note: I've been getting requests wondering if I'll be escorting while there and the answer is hell yes! I can't wait to meet some gorgeous Aussie men. I absolutely adore the Aussie accent!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie
Great to see your coming to Oz. I am a huge fan. I live in Sydney and can tell you either Bondi beach or Manly beach will be a great place for you to stat while visiting, do you mind if I ask will you be working while here?

Anonymous said...

Would love to see you here. Please let me know the dates through your blog so I can make arrangements for an escort

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie
You are the ultimate milf.
Im from the land down under and i would love to receive your services.
How can i contact you?
p.s Sydney is the place to visit