Monday, February 15, 2010

stroke me, stroke me!

One of my regulars I'vd had for probably 6 years or so came for his weekly appt. He loves to watch me get off with a toy.. and today he asked me to lie within his lap and lay facing away from him while he propped himself up against my headboard with a pillow.
While I stimulated myself with my vibrator he gently stroked my shoulders, breasts, arms and neck. It was awesome!!! I was able to completely relax and let go immensely.. and of course I had to ask. Why hadn't I thought of that????
He said he thought of it on the drive over.. and would be happy to do it again for me next time. Damn sometimes my job is fantastic :)

1 comment:

surya said...

I would give You any massage whatsever with sooo much pleasure:-) I am thankfull for great experience of meeting You, even only in this virtual bloging body! Your Beauty n truth n spontaneity, Your lovely personality just gave me a lot on all the levels.How I can give something back,unles this litle feedback..?