Friday, September 19, 2008


Tried to post my magazine layouts on here via photobucket but they banned me.. not too traumatic but what was traumatic was my recent refusal to enter the US at the Sarnia/Port Huron, Michigan border. I had been refused entry a couple years ago when I volunteered the information excitedly that I was crossing the border (Cornwall) when I was heading to do the first Girls over 40, Juggs, Over 40 and 40+ layouts. It hadn't occured to me to keep my mouth shut and just say I was going shopping... and that I was 'working in the US without a work permit'. 3 hrs of interrogation later they also of course discovered my escorting schedule online to see clients in the US while I was in NY. I ended up going across the very next day however with zero problems and haven't had any trouble since... until Tuesday. I was with my mom who lives in Niagra region and she was going with me to Detroit for a much long sought after treatment with a clinic there that deals specifically with CFS (and fibromyalgia). I have suffered.. mostly silently with this for my whole adult life and some of my childhood too I know realize. The humilation of being treated like a criminal at the border, coupled with the knowledge that coming so close to being finally properly treated for my disorder was almost too much for me to bear. I was in tears most of the rest of the day as well as the following day. My parents thankfully know what I do and while not wanting to obviously know all the dirty details.. to say they were supportive those 2 days was an understatement. My mom at the border.. if it weren't so serious I might have laughed while we chatted with 2 other ladies who were unable to pass from the one Canadian woman from Edmonton having some slight on her record from the age of 18 (she is my age now) prevented her as well from being allowed into the US. We muttered and joked about the blue gloves they used to fingerprint us and that they were really going to use them for rectal exams on us... that they should be proud of themselves for rejecting such terrorists ladies such as ourselves from spending so much money while in the US. (she was a fellow shopper). They entertained me for a while. It turned out that this lady's brother had dated a porn star (whose name I don't recall now) and her sister used to be an agent for strippers. She thought my chosen career was 'cool'. This was good I think for my mom to hear who doesn't think my career is something to be proud of whilst still loving me!
Anyway.. my dad who is a huge Bush hater was very supportive too once we got home and through my tears he offered to help search online for another source of treatment for me. This meant alot to me and when I got home yesterday I felt alot better. I had to lick my wounds from the humiliation at the border and the major disappointment over not being able to get to the clinic there but know that good things are around the corner for me... I may get kicked down but I get right back up again with a smile on my face.. eventually! Now. Let's get back to talking about sex!

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Ellash said...

Sorry to hear about your border crossing troubles, I think its to do with that crossing in particular though. Dave and I were refused there (coming from the U.S. side) last year and I think it just pushed us to want to be together even more - so instead of just coming for the summer, we got married and I am here for good!! Its a shame that two countries that get along so well have such a problem with a man-made border :(

Take care,
Elizabeth Lashmar