Friday, January 23, 2009

Comedy night in Ottawa

My sister and I went to the new Yuk Yuk's on Elgin for amateur comedy night. The MC was horrible and went on way too long about things that weren't remotely funny.. but surprisingly several of the amateur comics were so good that I laughed my ass off several times.. We were sitting in the 2nd row and it was a small enough venue that everyone had a great view and all giggles and laughs could be easily heard by the comics. Unfortunately every whisper could be heard as well so if you voiced a comment to a neighbour quietly you might get called out on it by the comic and heckled. I'm pretty bold so although I didn't outright heckle any of the comics as I can understand how nervous each of them was.. I made it clear I could spar with anyone if they picked on me:) We were there to support a friend of ours who was supposed to go up.. but as it turned out only his friend went up. He used cheat notes for his first time and he was still quite funny. Topics of fodder were of course the bus strike, politics and my personal favorite porn! When one of the comics commented on Peter North's ability to cum in vast quantities and his other claim to fame being Canadian.. it was all I could do to not shout out.. I know him! Which is in fact not really true. I met him.. had a photo taken with him and then he went on his merry way without saying one word to me.. and I'm pretty chatty so was a bit surprised when he didn't even reply with a 'you're welcome' or 'where in Canada?' when I told him I was a Canadian Milf and thanked him for letting me take the photo with him. Oh well.. there are a ton of people in the industry who aren't so stuck up :)

Anyway.. back to the comedy night. My friends' friend who did the comedy routine made several jokes about hairy pussies.. and that only the newer generation shaved their pussies and thought that was completely normal and attractive! Well duh.. I agree.. but didn't agree until probably after 2001 or so.. up til then I never shaved thinking it was only guys who were interested in pedophilia that would enjoy that.. what archaic thinking I had. His joke set about this was interesting because I had pretty much forgotten that I had that opinion at one time. FYI.. I enjoy a man to be shaved as well.. so long as he isn't very course in the hair department because a 5'0clock shadow rubbing up against my tender parts isn't pleasant either! Speaking of shaving.. what's really annoying is when a guy with that type of course hair shaves his chest! ouch!!! rubbing that up against my tender fleshy boobs also not pleasant :)
I only found out a while back that there were hairy pussy fetishes. but geeze there are fetishes for literally anything you could imagine out there. Farting, tickling, wrestling, clips4salewhere I host my store of clips has a plethora of them. I still learn new things regularly but I was shocked to see how clothed people being tickled on video would entertain people enough sexually to be so popular.. now farting??? what's the sexual entertainment there? Wonders will never cease!


Unknown said...

You met Peter North...? I'm impressed. No, really. Tell me, was he standing on a phone book in the photo?


milfcarriemoon said...

lol. No he was not! He's as tall as me almost.