Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meeting up with Molly, Maddison and Loraly oh my!

Molly, Maddy and Loraly were seeing clients at a hotel in Ottawa Friday day/night. I met up with them at 10:30 and managed to squeeze in a visit for an hour with Maddy and Loraly while Molly saw her last client of the evening and then the 4 of us giggled and shared stories of our various escorting adventures for another hour or so.. Maddy and Loraly both had to get flights in the morning so they went to bed after we inhaled some chicken wings, fries and red wine. Then Molly who seems to be quite the night owl entertained me some more til almost 3 am! She graciously ignored my many yawns as I'm not the spring chicken I once was and am often in bed by 11 or I meant to snag a photo of the 4 of us but neglected to.. sorry :( but promise the next time I see them I will do so as I'm sure the girls in pink will include me in some 3somes or even 4somes as they are so fond of the next time we meet.

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