Saturday, July 18, 2009


Sorry I have been remiss in posting. I was reminded today by a lovely new client that I need to keep posting. He was a married guy who remarked that my post on the married clients was one of the reasons.. aside from my curves which he appreciated for the better part of a 90 min appt.. that he got the nerve to book me. He was very nervous at first and one of the great pleasures of my job is initiating the first timer to an SP experience and making it memorable. Sure I enjoyed getting licked to orgasm twice.. sure I enjoyed making him orgasm twice. Getting a thank-you note in the email/text message after they leave (which he did as well) keeps that glow going... but knowing his frustrations of not being taken care of at home were finally abated and likely will be again.. makes my day as well. I don't think most clients realize how satisfying our job can be.. I mean don't you enjoy it when someone enjoys your cooking, your skill in building something.. your gardening.. insert any other minor or major accomplishment you do that makes someone's day/month/life. It's a very rewarding job!!! and the proof is not only in the orgasm you share/watch or create.. it's in the smile left on someone's face and hearing sometimes years after the appt has occured how much it meant to them.
SO.. off to bluesfest for Day 10 I went.. yikes.. what a week so far. I only skipped a couple days this week and am amazed at my stamina. Having seen more bands in the past 10 days than probably all the concerts I've ever been to in my life.. it's been a blast. The weather has been mostly good.. some amazing sunsets as the 7 pm concerts turn into the headliners at 930... have reacquainted myself with a few people I haven't seen in a while who also enjoy the live venues and solidified my relationship with the girls near me we affectionately refer to as 'the posse' which includes myself C and L and then a few other girls who rotate in and out when they can make it. C and L both took the week off for holidays from their jobs so they could enjoy bluesfest.
They both know what I do for a living and get a kick out of my raw sexual sense of humor when I openly describe my appointments. I tease one of them who has a few guys on her roster when she refers to herself as a whore that she is in fact not a whore and is merely a slut. If she isn't charging for it.. she's not a pro. She's as hilariously dirty minded as myself but both of them blushed when I showed them my spreads in the magazines I've done. I'm very proud of them and I know they are of me as well.. but it's hilarious to make other people blush and giggle.. and we sure do a lot of giggling. Anyway.. this past week has been a blast and a much need 'staycation' as L calls it. I get to hang at Westboro beach which is mere blocks from my house

and then we go home and shower/change for the concerts and meet up to walk to Lebreton flats along the river parkway for 7ish and back home when the shows are done at 11.
It's quite a reasonable hike but my poor body is used to walking only when shopping in a mall! One would think I might lose a few pounds with all that walking but we drink and then we eat at the end of the night sampling food from the various vendors and many of them are excellent including some organic food.. not that I haven't also had my share of junk food. Poutine anyone??
So tonight when I met the girls I remarked that I had 2 orgasms.. got laid by 2 hot men today and one yesterday and when asked if they were married I thought for a few seconds and realized yup! they all were married. Interestingly enough my friend C is seeing a married guy as one on her roster of afternoon delights..hmmm I wonder if she's realizing she should really be charging him.....

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