Saturday, October 3, 2009

2 duos this week!

I so rarely get booked for duos anymore.. mostly I guess because guys just don't have the money for that luxury. They can only afford one girl never mind two!

I had a duo with Amber Moon on Monday evening and then stuck around to play wii bowling which I'd never played before and sing some karaoke on her home unit. Of course I have one at home too but rarely crack it open and mostly sing on singsnap website. Amber has 2 cute doggies that I got to cuddle with so I got my doggie fix.

Thursday night I had another duo.. this time with Alexa Taylor who I hadn't seen in about 5 years since I met up with her for a girls day shopping trip. She reminded me so much of duos I had done with Shannon (now long since retired) as she is so soft spoken with creamy white soft skin and that totally innocent look yet has a dirty mouth and loves to fuck and suck. At one point I was fucking her with a big strap on and was amazed how big she likes her cocks.. and then the client fucked me while Alexa went over to the hotel chair in the corner and continued to fuck herself with her favorite toy. The client came ontop of me and then while we laid on the bed he told me to go stick my tit in her mouth. I obliged of course and had a birds eye view to her diddling herself with the dildo and watched as she came and squirted! I've seen girls squirt a couple of times but it's rare for me so I was tickled to have viewed it so close up. After we left the client exhausted she and I went to Tim Hortons to catch up. We had such a good time we'll definitely have to do more duos.. or at least go on some more shopping trips.

In both cases I get a real kick out of being almost old enough to role-play their mothers. Yea.. some people think it's weird but I find it funny rather than being hot.

In Ambers case we had met thru making the movie Dazed and Cumfuzed so appropriately she had it playing for the client while we had our duo. Amber has one of the most beautiful faces and gorgeous perky yet full tits. It was the clients first time having a duo and a comedy of errors had us all giggling throughout the session. Once he got over his initial shyness he got into orchestrating where he wanted each of us in several positions and at the end of the appt decided he wanted to cum on both sets of tits.. which he did! It was such a good shot that I had to run and get my blackberry to take a pic. Unfortunately by the time I took it.. the cum looked like oil.. but here you go!


Dean said...

God I have to give myself an excuse to get to Canada. Or tell US immigration to stop fuckin' with you so you can come to CA & make movies & perhaps fuck some horny Yanks!!!

Cream said...

I'd love to lick that load from your huge tits!