Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!


Anonymous said...

uuu I love Canada!
greetings from the other side of the world ^))
what a pleasure to look at you every time
you're so fit, so interesting
I think it's very comfortable around you.
& let it be "Happy Carrie Moon Day!" everyday!^)))

McLovin' said...

You have amazing tits + I wanta eat your maple leaf

Anonymous said...

you are so HOT a fan from portugal

Anonymous said...

hi carrie, WOW!!! this is a great photo of you. this pic is in the same category as the very famous farah fawcet poster from the 70s.
carrie, in this pic you have this tremendous wholesomeness while still having sex appeal. you are the sweet girl next door for whom a man would give up all other vices.

carrie, im standing, erect, straight and tall, a proud canadian. i salut you!


Unknown said...

That pic makes me a proud canadian. I have always said Canadian women are the sexiest and they always get better with age.

Anonymous said...

How has no one made a "I stand on guard for thee" comment yet?

Because, damn.

JR from SF.