Monday, October 18, 2010

another ''good, bad and ugly'' or rather ''dufus, awesome regulars and sizzling 3some''

I have to admit.. I've been rather lazy and just enjoying my lovely home this past summer. I've been doing a lot of karaoke (couple times or more a week) and as well the past few months I've had several house guests on and off for a couple nights up to a couple months. I recently however had to ask my latest house guests to relocate as I was feeling kind of crowded.

I never intended to have room-mates and I make it too hospitable for guests so they sometimes overstay their welcome. I'm back to hanging with Annessa on the occasional afternoon but she never takes up residence. She is my favorite person to hang with.. and the other night when a particularly sizzling client came to see me and requested a duo for a follow-up session I didn't hesitate to recommend her. To say that session was one of the hottest 3somes we've ever had would be an understatement.

So that day.. I saw a regular long-time client in the am who visits Ottawa every 4-6 months or so.. went for a tan.. saw a regular in the afternoon that I see every couple of weeks (previously mentioned in a blog as sexy-bum-boy) who I adore and look forward to seeing very much.. I then had a dufus in the evening before the ultimate duo.

DUFUS... booked an appt with me with about 2 hrs advance notice.. then when he was 15 minutes late I texted him to ask if he got lost. Here's his reply. 'No I am on my way for some juicy ass sorry for the delay' I knew he was going to be interesting..

Now don't get me wrong. I'm certainly not a prude by any means.. but don't guys understand that we haven't a fucking clue who they are yet? Until we've had at least one get to know you session.. you are a complete stranger to don't start with the naughty talk til we have a rapport with you.

Anyway.. he finally shows.. comes into the room.. then proceeds to count out the fee.. saying he's got 180 for me but will hold back the 20 dollars tip and give it to me if I'm good at what I do.. UGGGGG!!!!

What am I? A freaking dog? You're going to hold out a doggie treat for me and if I somehow figure out what it is you want you'll reward me with it? I try to ignore his ill-mannered jive talk and just give the normal customer service I usually do..

He seems normal otherwise.. likes a bit of dirty talk and slapping my ass... Asks me if I like it rough to which I reply 'no' I don't.. but he seems gentle enough and I tell him he is.

Anyway.. we chat.. we laugh.. again like I said.. seems normal enough.. but in the end with his complements all the way to the door doesn't fork over the 20 bucks. I can only assume he wanted me to give him bareback or something in exchange for the 20 bucks as he hasn't spelled it out.. Either way it leaves me feeling creepy that he did that. Perhaps humilation is his game? no idea.. and I didn't bother to ask.

Anwway.. the duo with Annessa along with the other 2 great calls I had that day always more than make up for the dufus clients.

So.. back to hot sizzling client from Thursday night. (this is now Friday I'm writing about)

M is a beautiful fit french lad who is a few inches taller than me and 15 years my junior. Oh.. la la! He's the type of guy who is so respectful and has no freaking clue how hot he is so it makes him miles hotter! Granted hotness is always in the eye of the beholder but it's so much more in the personality of the holder.

We had a lovely session as I said on the Thursday night and it was instant chemistry. When he called the Friday afternoon to confirm that he indeed wanted to have his first 3some with Annessa and myself I was super excited.. as was she after I had told her all about him.

He wanted us to start off with each other of course.. (doesn't every man?) and we did.. kissing and sucking each others boobs and pussies.. but the real meat for me comes from watching the others play and then getting banged.

Suffice it to say watching them fuck and then having him come back to me and then back to her again was mindblowing. It's times like this I wish I could videotape the session so you could all see for yourselves what I mean..

I should have written about this the next day so the details would be fresher in my head.. but I went winemaking Saturday and then to a patio with friends as it was so beautiful and sunny.. and then Sunday I had a seminar 2 1/2 hrs drive each way out of town in the country .. so there really wasn't time.

Anyway.. M and I had a great connection that Annessa could see and in very similar fashion to the 3some we shared with my friend Tony several months ago.. I got to watch them form a connection. It's like watching a flower unfold.. so amazing. For a first-timer in a 3some he did amazingly well! He should have blown his load instantly from all the tittilation but held off for a good long while fucking each of us in turn. Oh yeah.. I remember one hot point (how could I forget as my neck was sore afterwards - makes mental note to grab small pillow for this next time) where Annessa and I were doing 69 and he was fucking her above my head. So freaking hot!

I was using my vibrator to get off over and over as we both watched her suck his cock. Man I love watching. oh.....must go masturbate now..... see ya!

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