Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm 47!

I just turned 47 on the 24th. I started my birthday week with Carrie-oke on Friday night, Saturday night and then Sunday brunch with friends where I received a great harley shirt from 2 friends and flowers from others. Sunday evening was a bbq with other friends and then home to relax. Oh. I had to spend part of Saturday getting a new muffler on my car because I didn't pass the emissions test on my car to renew my license sticker.

Monday I basically worked on getting the house ready for my guests. My parents and my brother drove in from 5 and 7 hrs away to spend my bday evening with me. My mom helped me do a ton of gardening in the backyard (I always ask for this for my bday instead of other gifts). We went sightseeing to the market and botanical gardens etc on Wed afternoon and then met up with my neice and then I got my dad and my bro to do the rest of the gardening. In the evening we watched shrek 3 and Garbage Warrier (must see!!!) but if you don't get a chance to watch it you can view their work here.

They all left this morning and I felt really bummed. I don't see my family often and the rather short visit left me feeling nostalgic for more time with them. Nothing a good night out with friends this weekend won't cure :) and of course my puppies make me feel all warm and fuzzy.


triple_xxx said...

Happy birthday Carrie :)

luzeimagen said...

Happy Birthday Carrie, I can not give you a present, because I live far from Canada, but I think my best present is love.
I love you, Carrie

Randman said...

Carrie, Glad to gear you had a great birthday and spending time with your friends and family. What a novel idea, to get friends/family to do gardening, etc instead of monetary gifts! Very nice! A friend recently suggested I see Garbage Warrior, I'll have to check it out! Enjoy your day! : )