Sunday, August 7, 2011

Green Dresses from Le Chateau.

If anyone wants to give me gift certificates... lol.. I love Le Chateau for making XL an even sometimes XXL blouses and dresses for curvy girls with lots of fitted details. I'm obviously a bigger girl. I'm 5'11 and 190 lbs.. with curves in all the right places. I am large boned so my weight is deceptive.. but I'm also broad shouldered with a virtually perfect hour glass figure.

This believe it or not makes me unusual and hard to fit! I don't fit into the normal S,M,L category.. but thankfully some of my favorite stores now carry XL.. Suzy Shier is one place I've found some great dresses over the years, but even then XL may not fit me depending on the cut. Sizes really vary. BUT I really enjoy the hunt. When I shop I literally have to try on about 30 things to find one that works for me. It's a real hobby and a workout!

When people express how fit I look I comment truthfully that my only exercise is sex and shopping. You'd be amazed how many miles I walk on my treks of treasure hunting :)


funnyguy111 said...

All i have to say is wow you look gorgeous in that green dress it suits you well!!

Anonymous said...

You look really pretty in that dress carrie! Would be lovely to see the heels too :)

Regards Frank

Randman said...

I've commented elsewhere on how great these pictures are and how stunning you look in this dress! The necklace is pretty as well! Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! : ) Yes I agree you are a woman who has all the curves in the right places! Regardless of your size you are beautiful inside and out! : ) Ah, gift certificates from Le Chateau? I will keep that in mind! : )If you were to buy something with it that sexy it would be all the more satisfying! : )

French Fan said...

The same problem for every women; to spend hours and hours to find the right size.

But, this kind of exercice isn't only for women now. I meet the same problem to buy jeans or shirts. Every brand do its own "cooking" for its sizes.

But you really look beautiful in this skirt.It fits you perfectly !

Anonymous said...

Need some nude updates Carrie ,your killing me.Theres not enough of you on the

JK said...

You look great! Full and round in all the right places. It's almost hard to believe you don't train at a gym or anything.