Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breast size/Bra size

I've gotten into this discussion before with both men and women.. most people have absolutely no clue how to buy a bra or measure for one.. and even bra-sizing specialists often disagree. From one country to another it differs (same as shoe sizes and dress sizes) so that doesn't help much.. but whomever came up with this system was very shortsighted in my opinion.. but then my ideal would be to measure by volume which isn't really practical.

I was guilty of wearing the wrong bra size for several years before a colleague (Daisy) who was more well endowed than me. Some of you were lucky enough to have some big tit duos with us about 2001-2003 before she retired. She has now also subsequently had a breast reduction as far as I know. I was wearing a 38DD bra and was actually a 38E(DDD) so I was overflowing in my cup.. I'm now a 38F or 38G as I've gained some weight since then and thankfully in my bust mostly! I often joke that my tits are like plants.. the more attention they get at are spoken to the more they grow.

Anyway.. I recently bought some bras at Marianne's on sale for $10 bucks! Some brands I was a 40G and others I was 38F or even an H. So even in the 'higher end' bras they differ in fit. It can be very frustrating to someone who dislikes shopping. Thankfully I am not one of those people :) To me.. it's a treasure hunt. Somedays you come home empty handed while others you try on 40 outfits and get 3 great ones. You definitely have to be in the mood. So back to boob sizing.

Long time readers may recall when I put my bra on my head to reveal that as many people had said.. my tits are as big as my head. I was shocked to discover this as well.. especially considering I have a pretty big hat size :) Someone yesterday compared me to Chloe Chevrier and Linsey Dawn McKenzie saying that they were much bigger in the tit dept than myself. Well they are both tiny women.. so I tried to explain that we are actually about the same size.. but because I have a massive frame compared to both of them mine appear smaller. There's no way to prove this of course as both of these ladies do not live next door and I can't get them to take a picture of me with them.. but I have lived with my body for 48 years and have been astonished when people have done similar experiments with my tits and size comparison because I myself don't realize how massive they are til I put them in perspective.

 The bra on my head example notwithstanding.. a friend one day about 10 years ago bet me that one of my tits wouldn't fit in his biggest wine glass.. I bet him it would and was shocked to see that not only would it not fit.. it wouldn't even remotely fit. He was a true breast man as well as a chef.. so he had a better idea of liquid measurement than I did. But I guess the bra on my head is a better example.. because you could feasibly wear my bra as a baseball cap if you were able to stitch it together

Anyway.. bra size making so sense. I can wear a 42DD bra and have it fit me the same as a 34K bra is what I was explaining to the gentleman in question who brought this up. How? I take 4-6 inches away from the 42DD bra to make it fit me (I have often done this) and I would have to add bra extenders of 4-6 inches for the 34K bra. More confused?

The best way for you to see what I mean is to go to a bra store that carries specialty sizes and look at them. You will likely be even more confused as to why that is.. but take my word for it.. after years and years of bra shopping I can now buy a bra or bikini by looking at the cup size and if I really want it and it's on sale.. I will alter the back of it. I did that today as a matter of fact with a bikini. This might make it a bit clearer.. but it not.. don't ask Just give up. Most women do and keep wearing the wrong size bra. chart



Randman said...

Carrie, thanks for the insight into bras and the confusing world of sizing! Fortunately for us all sometimes we get to see pictures on your blog or facebook of the beautiful bras you buy! : ) Both Chloe Vevrier and Lindsey Dawn McKenzie are lovely big tit models but neither of them hold a candle to you! : ) Stitching together one of your bras as a baseball cap is a great idea! I'm sure it would be a great seller on Enjoy your day! : )

Anonymous said...

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