Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Xena for next year's halloween

I worked very hard on a homemade xena costume.. as I couldn't find a proper xena costume anywhere in stores or online..but in the end it wasn't really sturdy enough for a heavy night of partying. I will make it more durable for wear for next year.. but I paper mache'd the bust.. then hot glued rope over which I used modelling clay and then painted.. then I used gold thumb-tacks to adhere it to a black bra and used my beading pliers to turn sharp sides of tacs inward.

I used foam sheets from Michaels craft store for the rest of the outfit.. and made the skirt with painted gold spots as the tacs and paper clips type tacs for the top of the skirt to adhere it to elastic velcro bands. Paint, clay etc all from dollar stores. I made the wire to extend the epilets from the shoulder to the bra with bent coat hangers. and voila!


Anonymous said...

Very creative! Beauty and talent, what a wonderful combination.

Anonymous said...

dcHey Carrie, I think it really is great to see you make such an effort. Maybe you should chose someone different next year.

charles W. Weiss said...

Carri; This is a very creatiCostume tou made. I like it.