Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another hot Bianca Duo

We just had our 2nd duo with another long time regular of mine who I"ll call 'C'.
He is much taller than me and requested us both to wear thigh high boots.. we were still not as tall as he.. but as the old saying goes.. we're all the same height laying down.

We started out naked on the bed except for the two ladies still wearing our boots :)
Bianca sucked his lovely dick while I placed my giant soft supple tits in his mouth. He was immediately in heaven. Then he fingered my pussy with his left hand while fingering her pussy as well with his right. Now we were all in heaven. I tend to be a lot more vocal with the dirty talk directing the scene like a porn producer when I'm in a 3some.

My dirty talk went something like this.. 'you like that C? how Bianca is sucking your cock?' You like that Bianca how C is fucking me with one hand and fucking you with the other at the same time?' muffled yeahs came from her mouth as she was in blissful pleasure with both holes filled. This scenario went on for a while.. and then we both sucked his cock for a bit.. she loved kissing me over the head of his cock and then us both licking his cock. Then I put him on top of her so she could fuck him.

I would alternate with putting my tits back in his mouth so he was muffled as well and then bring them over to her so she could suck on them too and he would put his hand back to stroking my pussy. Then I would go around to the back and stroke his balls and her butt together in one sweeping motion Dirty talking the whole time about how she loved to ride his big cock and he was filling up her pussy with his dick.

Then he placed her underneath me in a 69 position and fucked me doggie style til he blew his load. Her licking my clit from under his cock and me licking her clit.. I could feel her wetness get even more fluid as she heard him cum and felt it above her. Super duper hot!

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