Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Carrie Moon is back as the tutor!

Carrie Moon is Tutoring boys again!

Some of you long time readers.. or at least readers within the past year may remember that I shot for a reality tv segment that involved Spenny from Kenny vs Spenny tv show.

Unfortunately the show only aired once on superchannel and at a time where few would see it.. because of the content that was x-rated and the channel execs weren`t comfortable with it..

I was in one episode but I haven`t seen it yet myself.. Spenny said he`d get it to me at some point..

cut to.. a couple weeks ago Spenny alerted me to the fact that he`s about to start a one man show in the new year based partially if not solely on his love of porn! and more specifically me and my tutor clip that has made me so well known.

Since I have cut ties with jerkygirls I asked Spenny if he wouldn`t mind if I re-shot the video for myself instead of using the original.. although I`ve let him know I`m fine with him using the original as he and others are well fond of that one. But he agreed that not only could I re-shoot it.. but he would also insert himself into a scenario up to the actual handjob itself.. and we shot that footage yesterday as well as him interviewing me for part of his show.

Anyway.. I did two new clips and one is live on my clipsstore and the other will be in a couple days :) Carrie Moon handjob clip lovers enjoy :) cheers, Carrie.


Dulcina Garcia said...

want to see more photos of you carrie moon at your site..can you plz upload your more photos..

Burna said...

You are the best. I wish you could tutor me 1 day. I prolly wouldn't get much studying done tho

Anonymous said...

I love your sexy big boobs and I want to lick your big sexy nipples...