Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have moved!

I'm no longer in Ottawa.. I am now in Niagara region..
But I will be touring across Canada more frequently now.. as I'm only a wee bit over an hr from Toronto to fly to several cities.
I still cannot re-enter the US.. so please stop asking me to tour the major US cities.. I would love to! but homeland security needs to keep you all safe from us sex-workers here in Canada.. bleh :(

I keep getting emails and texts also.. asking when I'm making another movie. PORN doesn't pay! I did not earn much money even in LA for the movies I did.. and I don't get residuals..

It does bring me fans as clients though.. so I appreciate the advertising it brings me.

If you want to be in a video.. by all means book me for a session and then pay the extra $100 fee for your own personal video.. this is not for you to post online.. it is for your own amusement only.

I will post some pics shortly as I've been quite remiss..
but it's sooo much easier to just post on twitter.. so please follow me there for immediate pic uploads.

I will be keeping my Ottawa number for a while.. so just text me or call me there for an appt.

Do not call me just to say you're a fan.. PLEASE.. this is for business only. Thanks for understanding.. cheers, Carrie.

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