Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Passing of SNR :(

This was my first trip back to Ottawa since my move this summer.. and of course I contact some of my regular clients to let them know I'd be visiting for a mini reunion.

Many of my regular readers know of the legendary threesomes I've had with SNR... and unfortunately when I contacted him his phone was disconnected.. which meant only one thing..

I googled him and sure enough he had passed away. Bob was a long term client of mine solo as well as the legendary threesomes so I went about letting my colleagues who had met him know. I was sad but knew it would happen to him eventually..

He was elderly and a very serious smoker who had had a couple of bouts of throat cancer. He had quit smoking after the first bout 8 or so years ago but then eventually took it up again.

Anyway.. just felt it right and that he will be tickled pink from the beyond to know I had one more blog to honor him. He really enjoyed my stories about our trysts.

Bob was a huge fan of my tutor video and knew me long  before I went in to porn. We often watched the video during our sessions. We sometimes played strip poker in our threesomes and sometimes did dressup role-play routines as mother/daughter or head mistress and head master with a young student. He was always coming up with something fun for us to do.. and a fabulous conversationalist. We could chat for hours.

My last solo visit with him he mentioned that he was paying more in taxes as a retiree than he did working and I was aghast to find this out. I told him 'what are you still doing here'? why don't you retire to belize or something..

but when I made that phone call I knew it was way too soon for that to be the reason his phone was disconnected.. I knew in my heart he had gone.

Here's a drink to you Bob.. see you some day on the other side.. save a spot for me.

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