Tuesday, February 2, 2016

BBFS is an idiotic request

I'm gonna make a text shortcut on my phone for this thread.. for most of you.. this won't be necessary.. but for those who need a lecture.. this is it.

This doesn't just affect me.. it affects many of my colleagues.. and we share information.. especially blacklisting for bbfs requests.. however many of my fellow escorts who I don't consider colleagues may offer this (and some I know do!) for the rest of humanity that has some sense in their heads ignore this..

BBFS is a rampant and ridiculous service.. some of you are horrified to know we even get this request.. others are quizically wondering what BBFS stands for? Bareback Full service.. it means unprotected intercourse.

Yes.. believe it or not we get regular requests to perform this service. Often for an extra fee..

The request is often followed by.. I'm d&d free (drug and disease free).. like we're just supposed to trust a complete stranger with this..
and some are followed up with.. I will provide a test from a doctor.. like that's supposed to goldstamp approval someone that they won't provide a risk to me.

I sometimes lecture them with logic.. but sometimes I just tell them they're blocked and block them (mostly that's what I do..)

Any fool who asks me for that doesn't deserve my sage advice.. and definitely doesn't deserve to be considered for an appt to spend my valuable time with me.

For those who are still reading this who don't get the 'big deal'.. go get yourself educated a bit.. on the amount of std's on the rise..

If an escort is willing to do bbfs with you for an extra fee and trust you on 'your say so'.. don't you think she'll be doing with with every other tom, dick and harry who says the same thing???

Do you trust her? do you trust all the other 'dicks' she's been with?

I don't even offer BBBJ.. and just because you've seen me do both activities without protection in porn (2 1/2 months of that in 2008 in LA btw only in a secure tested environment) doesn't mean I will offer it in escorting.

I still shake my head every time one of these comes through to me.. but it's rampant... ugh.

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