Thursday, July 21, 2016

Counselling and Chat Cam sessions

I have a variety of clients that I see.. and I'm comfortable with and enjoy the surprise of a variety of personalities..
I realize though that some who really get to know me are often surprised when they do.. so that means that I am not letting most of my followers really get to know me.
Some people may actually only be interested in getting to know me and not actually meeting up in person.

While that may seem like a great idea to my fans.. especially those who are used to viewing my pictures and videos for free.. I am not available to befriend my fans for free. I have had to tell fans many many times how unrealistic this is.. that if I chat with them for free I would literally do nothing else with my life.

I am now offering cam sessions that are only for chat.. non-nude, non-sexually oriented chat.
You can ask me questions about my experiences as an escort or in porn. You can ask me about my personal life as well.

I am very well educated in naturopathic medicine and counselling.. which makes me good at my job as an escort. Now you can book me for counselling around health issues and sexual issues as well.

Sexual based cam sessions are offered for $60US for 15 min..

This non sexual cam session is now offered for $80US for 30 min. Email me for booking options to set up either type of cam and payment options.. which are cc/paypal though my etsy store (google carriemoonstore etsy) or giftcard

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