Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everything to do with sex show in Toronto Nov 21st, 2009

So this year I attended the sex show as a patron instead of having a booth. It was waaaay more fun. Attending the show can be a bit boring.. it's not the most exciting show unless you get very excited by skinny naked girls in body paint and some very voluptuous (fat cows) in way too tight spandex. BUT for me it was a blast. I get to dress up in very provocative clothing and show off my tits in public. I normally dress very modestly in comparison when wandering the malls.. excepting of course for my recent outing in my wonder woman costume. Yes.. it's always obvious I have big tits.. but it's extremely obvious in such outfits. I was only there for about 4 hours and in that time I got to catch up with friends in the industry I haven't seen since I moved but my biggest surprise was running into my friend Brandon Iron who had just flown in from Calgary where he had been seeing family via L.A. where he calls home to see his lawyer in Toronto.

He's off after that to Budapest to shoot his blowjob scenes he has made famous on his site Brandoniron.com. I have known Brandon for about 2 years or more and he's the most humble, sweet guy in the industry. I have a huge soft spot for him and due to travelling schedules we are rarely in the same city at the same time.. so it was a major pleasant surprise. Being much shorter than myself the first time we took a photo I powerlifted him.. this time I scrunched down and giggled when I did so. I only had about 2 inch heels on in my boots but I still towered over most of my friends except for the girls who had on 10 inch or higher platforms but even then that only made them my same height.

The only shows on the main stage I watched for a few minutes was the circus act of a woman using long scarves hanging from the ceiling and performing acrobatics very gracefully and a bit of one with male strippers. Frankly I have seen most of that with better seating in other venues.. I don't enjoy standing to watch shows. The seminar room whenever I walked by was packed to the hilt I presume because of the amount of seating as well as the topics. See them here if you're interested.

Carrie Moon with Leanne Fluxxx of deadlightdolls

Carrie Moon with Leanne Fluxxx of deadlightdolls

Carrie Moon getting her boobs squeezed by a friend

Carrie Moon with Scott Rhodes and Maxine X

Carrie Moon and Maxine X

Brandon Iron and Carrie Moon

Orabella with Brandon Iron and Carrie Moon

Carrie Moon with Uncle D - Canadian Assman

Carrie Moon with Orabella Dominatrix

Carrie Moon with Nat X Dominatrix

Carrie Moon with Madison Doll from deadlightdolls

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