Monday, November 9, 2009

I don't fake it.. well mostly...

I was surprised to learn the other day.. when I discussed this with a colleague who I assumed incorrectly like me - didn't fake orgasms with clients that she felt providing the fantasy was ok to fake things. She had previously in duos cum very fast with the guys and when I quizzed her about it said she had very active imagination but wouldn't elaborate out of shyness.. Now of course I wonder if she was just a great faker. I too have elaborate fantasies.. some of which I'm too shy to share but others well.. I've even shared them on here. Knowing how much she enjoys her work I'm fairly certain she doesn't fake it all the time but I was surprised that she was okay with faking it with R.

I mean when I've seen couples or done duos the only time I'm certain a girl isn't faking is the 2 times I've seen a woman squirt. Otherwise I frankly don't have enough experience with women who assure me I've just made them cum to know if they are telling the truth. I'm always suprised if/when they do.. because I'm only bi-curious I'm not an expert by any means at pussy eating. Guys have often discussed on escort forums faking and some are sure all escorts and perhaps all women fake where others are sure they have what it takes to make women cum.

But really how do you know? I mean for us it's obvious when a guy cums. But for you guys how do you know for sure? My regular clients know me well enough I think to know that I cum for real when I do.. but often a guy wants to pleasure me in reality beyond his capability to do so.. some even ask what turns me on.. like there's some magic recipe. Usually guys who can rev up my engines never need to ask.. they intuitively know and that's the true magic.

We were discussing R.. who I mentioned in my Good/Bad/Ugly scenario and for different reasons why he irritated us. While she was okay with his personality for the most part and his unrealistic views of our feelings about him she claimed that she liked to 'let them keep their illusions' about it.

While I have to admit that I of course don't normally tell a client that he doesn't turn me on if that's the case.. I would not lie if asked directly. I figure if a guy can read between the lines that he's acceptable and welcome to rebook.. that's good enough at the minimum and if he's off the charts enjoyable.. he can easily figure that out too or I tell him! If he's not adept at figuring out either at all.. he probably shouldn't ask... because more than likely if it's bad news I will tell you.

Like a guy I saw a couple days ago who was only semi-hard but insisted I climb on top instead of getting him hard first with a blow job and then immediately asked me 'how did it feel'.. I couldn't help myself.. I said 'it's kind of soft'. Well don't ask if you don't want the obvious answer! Sometimes I wonder if it's some kind of test to see how honest I am. yeesh.. Plus by this time we were way over the time he had paid for and was asking me to take it slow.. so in my head I guess he deserved the brutal truth.. guys who squeeze 10 or 15 minutes out of me over the 1/2 hr wanting to do everything piss me off.. if you wanted an hour's worth of my time.. book an hour or book 45 minutes if you want something in between.

He managed to cum pretty fast and that's obviously why he didn't want me to blow him or he would have cum with the semi erection and missed out on being inside me. But realistically considering it was his first time with me (and he claimed as well first time outside of a massage parlour)and he had admitted how nervous he was he should have been more realistic.

SO.. do I fake it for real??? hell no... I think it's doing a huge dis-service to a guy to let him think he's blowing your mind in bed when he's 30 miles off base. How will he know when he's on base if he's given credit for wowing you off-base? Plus if he's a regular and he's continually doing something that irritates you why would you encourage it? You'd just have to experience the same thing each having said that I just saw farmer dude today and I felt sorrier for myself today than for him today. He has a heart of gold for sure but he smells from years of smoking.. which not only is on him but in him if you know what I mean. The rough crackly old skin, the age spots that look like karposi's sarcoma. I've been feeling a wee bit under the weather so his smells/irritating voice/laugh were a bit hard to handle today. So.. by seeing him as acceptable I guess I'm encouraging his behaviour.. frankly because like with R.. he's not trainable. They're both way too old and it's not something you can train.

Speaking of training behaviour, I heard of a book once that basically said you train humans like dogs.. reward the behaviour you want to reappear.. (well it was talking about women training men but it applies to all humans). When R asks me if he licked me well.. I say it was fine.. which really means.. are you kidding me? you have no skills whatsoever in that dept.. but yes.. you may keep trying unless you hurt me with your lack of skill. When reinforcing the behaviour you like smile.. now of course I smile with him and he thinks he's making me enjoy myself.. but I smile out of lack of what else to do! He looks at me with such glee in his face that I can't help but smile back.. so I guess I'm reinforcing what I don't want..

What brought this up was in discussing him with this colleague.. I was explaining that he had licked me (I was getting way beyond bored at this point) and I asked him if he was ready to fuck.. whereupon he asked me if I had cum enough yet? I was astonished that he asked me.. what cum? I hadn't even moaned...because I DON'T FAKE IT. I just didn't answer him.. and we fucked. Well we tried.. R is older and a bit of limp dick so not willing to try viagra yet.. we aren't always successful in that dept.

I mean I lie enough in my personal life.. I meet new people all the time at parties/bars etc and I do have friends who I can be completely upfront with that know what I do thank god.. but acquaintences I meet.. I don't blurt out that I'm a hooker when asked what I do. Lieing in my job is part of it. I don't answer when someone asks my real name. I don't tell a client the whole truth about what kind of day I'm having if he asks.. etc etc.. but I don't fake fluid.. so if I'm getting are doing something right boys :) and thankfully there are more out there who know what they're doing than not! Those are the times I love my job..

Sometimes I go to meet my girlfriends right after a particularly hot session and I'm glowing when I talk abou it.. they look astonished.. b/c you know they expect the bad stories I just spoke about to be the norm.. but really it's a good mixture of both.. and for me the good always outweighs the bad..but isn't the bad more interesting for you readers? really?? it is for me to tell ;)

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